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9/27/2008 P/S hose blows

Couldn't have happened at a worse time doh .

  • ibgoofy14u

    how do you change power steering hoses on 2001 hyundai xg300

    If it is the pressure p/s hose you are in for tons of fun. first, remove the upper and lower air box and the air inlet hose from the intake. look rown tward the rack and you shoul see two lines.

  • Mallory

    why does hose water taste so delicious?

    =P I know hose water is bad for you, just wondering.

    because your typical garden hose is made of pvc, and pvc can contain lead. the brass fitings on the hose can also contain lead. currently, california requires a warning label on hoses.

  • T S

    Two hoses are connected to the same outlet using a Y-connector, as the drawing shows. The hoses A and B have t?

    Two hoses are connected to the same outlet using a Y-connector, as the drawing shows (the drawing is basically an inverted Y with two outlets at the bottom). The hoses A and B have the same length, but hose B has the larger radius. Each is open to.

    ∆P = 8μLQ/(pi*r^4) . The pressure difference is equal in both instances, also the length L, the viscosity μ , radius 1 is 1, radius 2 = 1. 21, so. 8μL*Q1/(pi*1^4) = 8μL*Q2/(pi*1.

  • dee9051

    Rough Engine Idle?

    I recently had a mechanic replace a leaking Power Steering hose. Now, whenever I come to a complete stop with my foot resting on the brake pedal. the car begins to vibrate. When I begin to accelarate, the vibration goes away. Could the P. S. Hose.

    hose will not cause a rough run or vibration of the engine. however a loose or disconnected vaccum hose, loose engine mount or bad spark plug wire or plug will. on some vehicles they.

  • Chris Parker

    whats the difference between these two hoses?

    http://www. com/p/wras-hose-m12-15mm-x-300mm-x-8mm-pk2/57875 - what does the M12 actually mean, and. http://www. com/p/flexible-tap-tails-12mm-x-15mm-x-300mm-pack-of-2/91351 -how come this says use with a check valve and the other.

    the first hose has a screw in part in one end the type of thread on it is most probably an m12 thread second hose looks exactly the same so I would say just bad web work not finishing off the post.

  • Andre C

    I cant seem 2 find where P/s fluid is leaking from my 99 taurus.?

    the pump is old and whining and needs 2 be replaced. Ive been riding with a loud pump for about a month now and it just started leaking. i look under the car and see nothing dripping but i can smell the P/S fluid burning off something when i drive.

    P/S pressure hose is leaking,it is the hose that goes from the pump to the rack and pinion,the leak drips P/S fluid onto the engine pipe. Some even caught fire.


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