Timing Belt & Crankshaft Seal Replacement

Toyota tercel Timing Belt Crankshaft Seal Replacement

Getting Shipshape For Spring - WXII The Triad

Spring is upon us and if your boats not ready, youre behind. For most of us, its not a huge job to get the boat shipshape, but its best to not wait until the day before you want to go on a trip. My theory on procrastination is, If youre going to procrastinate, do it now. The primary enemy of most boats over winter storage is modern gas.

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Yahoo answerscrankshaft seal?

  • Dodge

    depends on if it is front or rear. if it is rear you will pay more to remove the tranny

Yahoo answersWhat is the difference between a timing cover seal and a front crankshaft seal?

  • Dodge

    there is no difference in the timing cover seal and the front crank shaft seal,both are the same part just called by different names,if you buy the timing cover gasket set the seal and all gaskets.

Yahoo answersHow much should a timing belt and front crankshaft seal cost to replace in 1990 ply voyager 3.0v6?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    you should be able to get it all done for about 200 in labor,give or take a few bucks ,not all shops have the same labor rate so the price will vary just a little on from one shop to another,good.

Yahoo answersHow hard is it to change the crankshaft oil seal?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    No it is pretty simple to do go thru obviously pass side frt wheel house no puller needed for that crank pulley. but will need seal remover and installer unless you no how to do it. without any.

Yahoo answers1998-2002 Corolla Owners:Is it a common problem to have the front crankshaft seal leak oil?

  • Toyota

    It is not common but it falls under the "typical" repair category. Read more at www. com for the usual repairs on your Corolla.

Yahoo answersHow do I replace a front (crankshaft) oil seal?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    On some vehicles the engine must come out, at least partially, if it is rear wheel drive it is a piece of cake, but a lot of work. Depending on the egine the seal will be located under the timing.

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  • Getting Shipshape For Spring

    When you do crank up to test the motor, watch closely for water coming out of the bleeder line. The purpose of this spray is for you to be able to tell at a glance if the water pump is working and you don't want to run the boat without cooling water.

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