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  • Pastor Chad from

    First my Firefox drop-and-drag links go missing, now my bookmarks are gone?

    And I'm doing a Stopzilla scan at this moment, but so far no spyware or malware is showing up. Is spyware the most likely cause of my bookmarks and drop-and-drag links to suddenly disappear, or could there be something else.

    well, maybe a virus or some spyware. these types of "badware" likes to mess around with you internet browser and make you angry. just sit and watch at the scanner. i dont have stopzilla and i dont.

  • Scochi

    Do I have to replace the drag link on my Jeep Wrangler?

    A while ago I bent my drag link enough to make my steering wheel turn 180 degrees. I looked at the tie rod and nothing is bent on that. I've asked three people if having a bent drag link but a good tie rod will wear your tires and two of them said.

    You are correct. A bent drag link will not wear the tires unless you are referring to the piece that goes from spindle to spindle. If you bend that, your Jeep will be towed in and wear the insides.

  • Dom ray

    how do i drag and drop on a mac to word 2008?

    i got a new mac right, and when i drag and drop on to word with a picture on facebook or any other website it just comes up with words an if i copy and paste it will do the same i can only get a picture from google when i have to go through the.

    If the image you drag has a link associated with it (clicking it goes to another page) dragging it will sometimes drop the link. If you want to drag the image, right (control) click the image and.

  • Dianne J

    Firefox question. I cant seem to drag links on to my nav bar.?

    I drag them on but they don't stay. What am I doing wrong.

    Try right clicking on a link and select open in a new window or just open a new window and drag the link onto the window.

  • Scochi

    Will this drag link fit my Jeep wrangler 2010?

    here is a couple links to the picture:. http://www. com/Currie-Enterprises-CE-9701DL-Currectlync-Wrangler/dp/B003FXT2QW/ref=sr_1_4. ie=UTF8&s=automotive&qid=1291129885&sr=8-4.

    Nope, the steering changed starting in 2007 - the drag link no longer connects to at the tie rod, it connects directly to the steering knuckle on the passenger's side. You can get one from a Jeep.

  • Jerome

    Does the drag link or pitman arm contain power steering fluid?

    I have a power steering leak on my 1996 Ford Ranger. The red power steering fluid is coming from where the pitman arm meets the drag link. I always thought that neither part contained fluid and assumed the leak would be a seal from where the.

    The leak is higher up running down to the drag link and pitman arm.


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