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How To Install A Shift Light

In this episode of Mighty Car Mods the boys show you how to install a shift light.

  • Jake

    aftermarket tach and shift light for 1998 honda civic?

    I bought it from a friends whp lost the instructions i got the tach and stuff figured out since i have put in tachs before. What do i have to do to get the shift light to work. Do i have to run a wire to the tranny. (Ihave a 5 speed) , or does a.

    Actually the shift light runs off the tach not the ECU. If your tach is hooked up properly then all you have to do is program the RPM at which you want it to light up at. What kind of tach is it.

  • hotbabee8

    How is red-shifted light an example of the Doppler effect?

    Also, how is blue-shifted light an example of the Doppler effect.

    When the source of light is moving AWAY from you, at a very high velocity, each 'hill' and 'trough' will take longer to reach you than the previous one. As a result, the distance between the hills.

  • Rocky C

    Shift light with an Automatic?

    I recently bought a 3rd Gen Camaro. It has a turbo 350 tranny with a B&M shift kit (Which I don't understand either) But it also has a 6" tach on the dash with a shift light on it. What is the purpose of this if its an automatic. Also anyone.

    The shift light can still function if you shift the automatic low, 2nd, etc. using the shift lever. It appears the B&M shift kit is made for racing applications where gears can be selected, but can.

  • Kitharados

    Can we see ultra-violet light? (red shift)?

    I'm curious- red-shift affects the light we see from stars as it is shifted towards the red end of the spectrum. Does this mean that UV light becomes visible light and red ventures into the infra-red. And in this case what happens to the energy.

    Red shift is going away. To see ultraviolet light the light source would have to be traveling to you at a fast speed. Technically, you can never actually "see" ultraviolet or infrared light with.

  • Alexander M

    gsxr shift light?

    how do i adjust the shift light to a specific rpm, i dont have the owners manual so kinda stuck.

    OK you can change it (consider getting an owner's manual) but here it is. Its programmable from 7000 to 16000 RPM. With the ignition off press and hold "select" and turn on key while holding button.

  • Majo

    Nissan Pathfinder shifting and brake light problem...?

    Yesterday I was at a stoplight and needed to unlock my glove compartment. I put my 2003 Nissan Pathfinder (50k miles) into park and turned off the car and unlocked the glove compartment. When I turned the car back on, I could not shift out of.

    repair your brake light and all your problem is solve,,. brake light circuit is controlling your shifting solenoid to unlock. your shifter from park,,


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