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How To Install an Aftermarket Shift Knob - Full Tutorial

Follow the video step by step and.

  • Abob

    How to remove stick shift knob on 93 Plymouth Voyager mini van?

    I have a 1993 Plymouth Voyager mini van with a 5 speed manual transmission and I can't get the stick shift knob to come off. Tried pulling and unscrewing. Anyone know.

    The shift knob is actually somewhat long (about 5 inches) and made of plastic. The knob will be partially covered by a rubber boot at the base and there is a recessed collar. What you need to do.

  • keane

    2008 Accord Coupe 6M Shift Knob?

    Are all honda manual shift knobs universal. I don't like the look of the shift knob (too tall. looks like driving a bus or something) on the new 2008 Accord Coupe and am looking to replace it with a titanium one that's available for the S2000.

    you need to drop the boot that surrounds the shift lever by pinching the two clips at the top of the boot to release the boot from the gearshift knob. One clip is at the front bottom edge of the.

  • Crusty

    is it hard to change a gear shift knob?

    Have a Pontiac Grand Prix and my dog chewed up my leather gear shift knob. I can buy another one but is it just a matter of unscrewing the old and screwing on the new. It has a button for shifting into Reverse, etc.

    your shift knob has a U-Shaped metal clip on the front side of it. you will need to use a screwdriver to pry that clip out. keep this clip for the new knob. once the clip is out, the knob can be.

  • `chris

    What is a shift knob thread?

    i have a 2012 nissan versa sedan, and i was considering changing the shift knob. when i research about them, i always come upon articles talking bout the threads of the shifter, and the thread size, etc etc. my question is, what is this.

    The shift lever and knob has threads the knob is twisted down till tight. Just like a (bolt and nut) Knob is the NUT the Lever is the BOLT Automatic Verse does not have threads on shift knob.

  • sweetblujay

    Problem with gear shift knob?

    My gear shift knob for my 06 ford fusion literally slid off onto my hand. The actual knob came off, the parts are intact. I can still change gears but knob feels loose and slides up when I press to change gears. How can I fix this.

    Somewhere in the lower part of the knob is a plug pop this out (its a pain in the ass) and there will be a set screw underneath. There should be a dot or dip in shifter where set screw lines up.

  • toughluck1089

    how to change del sol automatic shift knob?

    i was thinking about changing my knob because the handle is getting kind of old and worn. and since i am not used to automatics idk how to switch it because of the push button locking mechanism. is this possible or would it be easier to just.

    Do not undo the lock on your automatic shifter. Many cars require the lock to be engined in park for the car to start. Since you have a del sol there is most likey aftermarket automatic shift.


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bmw bmw2002 manual standard transmission shifter gearshift 5speed amco 4speed gearchange manualtransmission standardtransmission amcoshifter amcoshiftknob standardgearbox
BMW 2002 -- AMCO shift knob
New-old-stock AMCO shift knob with BMW-correct 4-speed pattern. Car is currently equipped with an E21 5-speed.
Photo by Brilliant Michael on Flickr
honda shift knob mazda s2000 50mmf14 mazda3 mazdaspeed mps d90 ms3 mazdaspeed3 bl3fw
Shift Knob-4054
Honda S2000 OEM shift knob, retapped to 10x1.25 and original shift pattern shaved. Shift boot raised until I can retap the retaining collar.
Photo by liquoredonlife on Flickr
golf volkswagen gti shiftknob dsg
Shift knob
Now with edition 30 DSG shifter and handbrake :D
Photo by CmdrFire on Flickr

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