Eugene will show he's streets ahead WORLD Superbike fans are in for a treat when Irish star Eugene Laverty takes to the streets of Dublin for the Bavaria City Racing Dublin event in June.

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Yahoo answersHigh performance Ignition Wire Set for Honda CBF 125?

  • Honda

    Ive had the high Performance wire rs b-4 and all the problems that goes with them ,the best wires that i have is the factory oem wires , see if this helps if the high performance wires are so and.

Yahoo answersWhats the diffenre between spark plug wires and a Ignition Wire Set?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Exactly the same thing. Ignition is the technical term for it. If the auto parts store has them in the computer your fine. just replace all of them at the same time. Not just the one.

Yahoo answerscan i use a different ignition wire set to my vw car, is there any specification in tht??thanks?

  • Volkswagen

    kingsborne. I got mine there for a lot less than the oem ones. If I remember right, I think they sell the tool for pulling them too.

Yahoo answersignition wire set includes for cyl #1 and #3, boots for #2 and #4 are sold separaty?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    The boots have a spring on the inside of them to connect to the spark plug. The only time I would replace them is if the boot is damaged or cracked. It won't make any difference. You can get the.

Yahoo answers2006 Expedition DIrect ignition wire set?

Yahoo answersWho are our customers for autoparts, especaily for ignition cable set or ignition wire set???????

  • Other - Business & Finance

    your business must be sucking major ass if you have to come onto yahoo answers to advertise.

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    the capital on his Aprilia RSV4 999cc superbike, which puts out 220bhp, weighs just 165kg and is dripping with all the latest racing gadgetry, including racederived ride-by-wire technology, Aprilia Racing ECU managing ignition and traction control.

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    Zap-It! is a pocket-sized product, marketed by Ecobrands, that is based around a similar piezoelectric mechanism to that used as the ignition source in electronic lighters. It is a medical device, currently available to buy in high street stores across

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