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This video shows my oil gauge bouncing up and down while driving through your typical city.

  • hairydawg69

    Oil Pressure gauge?

    I have a 97 softail with an s&s motor I was recently on a long ride about 50 miles into I noticed my oil pressure Gauge had stopped work but everything seemed fine so i finished the ride which ended up being around 300 miles. It just recently got.

    its probably just your gauge or sending unit, try a different gauge, if you still dont have any pressure check the oil return line to the oil tank to see if your oil pump is working. they may have.

  • jlicious

    My 2002 Dogde Durango oil pressure gauge fluctuates.?

    I have a 2002 Dodge Durango V8 and the oil pressure gauge goes up & down depending on my speed or idling. It never goes all the way to the full point but when I checked my oil, it was full. Is there a problem. I had a 2001 Durango & it never did.

    hi, the oil pressure gauge will follow the revs of the engine, so when you are ideling it should be reading low, and when you are driving it should be at its highest, if it is reading low when you.

  • omer.moughal

    Oil Pressure Gauge Zero?

    I have a 2001 Camaro, 3. 8L V6 56,000kms done. Last night while i was heading home, i suddenly saw the check gauges light came on, the oil pressure gauge went to zero and the engine went off instantly. There was no noise, no leakage, no missing or.

    OIL GUAGE TELLS YOU THE PRESSURE YOUR OIL IS PUMPING. As you know these newer models have computers. Like all computers sometimes they get a lil hiccup. Your car died because posibly there was.

  • mahdi e

    what is oil pressure gauge? what's different between pressure gauge and oil gauge?

    An oil pressure gauge records pressure of oil circulating in a closed oiling system such as in an automobile engine. A pressure gauge records liquid or gaseous pressure. An oil gauge can be a sight.

  • austin Van

    Mechanical oil pressure gauge?

    I have an 88 chevy k1500 and I'm putting in a mechanical oil pressure gauge on because mine dose not work. I have it all mounted but I don't know where I have to plug in to the block to get my reading if u could help that would good thank you.

    So you didn't fix the problem with the existing gauge, you just added another potential problem. As you might guess from that statement, I'm not a fan of people band-aiding problems, instead of.

  • Alex

    Oil Pressure Gauge question?

    In my 1996 chevy pickup i was driving yesterday, usually oil pressure is right at 40, the middle and sometimes even a bit higher. However when I was driving it yesterday, first time driving in a few days and it also was a bit chilly out, the gauge.

    Your oil gauge will fluctuate periodically whether running or not. It dropping a little means nothing unless you are burning a lot of oil unusually, and you aren't checking your oil level weekly.


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Muckleburgh Military Collection Weybourne, Norfolk, England, UK
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