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93-97 Ford Ranger Header Grille Headlight Mounting Opening Nose Panel

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2000 Mercury Grand Marquis Header Panel Removal

Removing the broken header panel from a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis in prep for installing a new one.

  • The Satire

    Do the USB front panel in cases use 1 USB header?

    I need to know because I need a USB header for my MEDIA CARD READER + FLOPPY DRIVE, and my motherboard only supports 2 usb 2. 0 headers. Also, is Azalia audio or AC 97 better. Do media card readers have to use a usb header. m2n-mx se Asus.

    Depends on the motherboard some have extra header pins. some fronts are just USB 1. 0 for those extra sets of pins, some cases that have 2 front USB ports take up 1 set of pins on the board, some.

  • Juan A

    would an 85-87 buick regal header panel fit on a 79 oldsmobile cutlass?

    79 cutlass.

    You would need the whole front clip, fenders forward. It should bolt up and match the contour of the doors fine. The basic body structure is the same, so it should work. The fenders are shaped.

  • Sarf Londoner

    No front panel audio header?

    I have just swapped my mothers tired and old PC case for a new one, but the board (FIC CW33)does not have a front panel audio header. I was wondering: would some PCI soundcards have one, and would I be able to use the front panel by connecting.

    Some of the "better" sound cards have headers. Most do not.

  • BVH



    For future reference, this question is in the wrong section, which is probably why you didn't get any answers. As far as the front panel header, it should be somewhere along the bottom of the.

  • Sizzle

    Cost To Replace Header Panel?

    how much would it cost to get a header (headlight) panel replaced professionally. the part is about $114 (non-aftermarket). its on a 2000 mustang. yeah i know how to take the headlights out. there is a part that supports the two headlights.

    If you raise the hood and look behind the headlight there should be two black pieces of netal that is made to pull up on them. These are what holds the headlight in. Pull up on those and your.

  • Do all motherboards come with front panel audio headers?

    If not, does this one have one. I know it has usb headers. http://www. com/applications/SearchTools/item-details. EdpNo=6824566&Sku=B69-5134.

    Yes it does. On this specific model they are purple. It's right by the 2 pci slots. It says "F AUDIO". Any modern motherboard will have front panel audio headers.


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  • Mustang 5.0 Performance Projects

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