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DIY: Cleaning Automotive Floor Mats

This method will remove very harsh stains such as coffee or juice stain.

  • sweeteepie84

    Jeep Cherokee Floor Mats?

    I Have an R Reg Jeep Cherokee and want a car mat that covers the entire floor space of the rear of my car - including that bump bit. Does anyone know where I could get something like that - FYI I live in UK. Thanks.

    There are a number of floor mat and floor liner makers in the USA who make the second row car mat that you are requesting. If you are looking for a carpet finish, you can use a standard.

  • Jen

    Is it stupid to get carpeted floor mats?

    I just bought a new Honda Fit, and I'm planning on buying floor mats online, but I can't decide between all-season/all-weather floor mats and carpeted mats. I do live in Ohio, so yes, we do get rain and snow, but I don't know, the carpeted floor.

    any floor matt is better than none, but i suggest you get the all weather ones because, the carpeted ones will eventually stain. If you spill in your car and have rubber floor mats all you have to.

  • jeremy h

    where could i get original floor mats for a 1966 mercury comet?

    Finding original floor mats is going to be tough, BUT you can order repo floor mats from Dearborn Classics. They sell reproduction parts for Ford & Mercury cars from 1957 to 74. The 66 Ford.

  • Jesse

    2011 Corolla S floor-mats?

    I want to get the weathertech digital-fit car floor mats for my 2011 Corolla S (manual transmission) but they only have them for automatic transmissions. Do you know what the difference is. Will the A/T ones really not work. If not do you have.

    The problem is that your car is so new. A lot of the floor liner / floor mat manufacturers don't really get into all the variations of a car model until it's a couple of years old because your OEM.

  • Curse Stops in 09

    where to find oem floor mats?

    I have recently bought a 2003 dodge durango r/t. when i got the car it didn't have the factory carpet floor mats. is there anyway i can get them from someplace. i don't want to customize anything. i just need the ones you get from the factory.

    The simple answer is to check with a dealer. You could contact the dealer that originally sold the vehicle. In the glove boxx there is probably some original invoice. There may also be a license.

  • sperlegpps

    What are the best floor mats for a 2008 Honda Odyssey?

    What would be the best option for all weather floor mats for a 2008 Honda Odyssey EX. We may also be taking out the center seat in the second row quite a bit as we have three boys to get in and out of the van.

    I only buy WeatherTech Products, just because I think they are wonderful products. http://weathertech. com shows you all the products that will perfectly fit you Oddy. I opted to not go with a.


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