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easy how to vid , simple , just remove and clean .

  • Paulie

    Idling problem?

    I noticed when driving my girlfriend’s car when cold that the idling fluctuates or hunts randomly – but not always. When warmed up or after the first drive the idling is fine. Anyone any idea what the problem might be. The car is a.

    Idle air control valve or unit, assuming spark plugs are in good order. also may try cleaning MAF, just be careful to use right cleaner and not damage this unit. follow instruction on can.

  • irish_red_93

    Idle Speed Sensor?

    What is an Idle speed sensor and why can I not find it out there for sale. I have a 99 Sebring (Chrysler) and my mechanic said that my idle speed sensor is broken and need a new one, I want to get the part somewhere else that is cheaper than the.

    Idle speed sensor maintains the minimum required engine speed as ordered by Electronic control unit. (minimum engine speed increased if a wiper, light, A/C load is added on engine) Each & every.

  • George S

    My Civic has a problem with idling when the AC is turned on. Need your help.?

    I have a stock 1993 Honda Civic EG hatch which I bought from Honda Philippines with PH12 (1200cc) engine. After using it for more than half an hour with the AC the idling dropped to almost zero. I have to restart it. My AC is also.

    Your Idle Air Control (IAC) unit may be at fault, it should automatically raise the idle when the AC comes on, to compensate for the extra load. The computer would send a signal to this unit when.

  • devin_mustang

    mustang idle problems?

    okay i have a 96 mustang gt. and the damn cat just wont idle i mean i will but if you hit the gas the rpm,s hang at about 2,000-1,2000 and after a wile it will eventually idle at about 800 were its supost to and iv hade this checked out cause my.

    That car has an idle air control valve that gets dirty and causes those issues. The valves purpose is to make the car idle down when you apply the brakes and idle higher when you are not touching.

  • i hav mk4 gti turbo when slowing down 2 stop the revs drop to about 700rpm and almost stall and then pics up?

    throttle body and idle control unit require cleaning

  • Edmundo D

    i cannot control my idling in my BMW 1989 525i, last ninth while my driving it suddenly engine idling change?

    i research thru the internet BMW-accordingly advising to check the vacum system - if ok another chech the electrical-in my dash board panel-blincking the blems electric. what is that. -anyway im fixing it my self. cause i have knowledge in.

    The idle air valve is one of the most common issues with that engine. The control unit that operates the valve are equally at fault for the idle surge. From experience I would replace both as a.


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