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Fuel Tank Strap Replacement

Saturn S-series Fuel Tank Strap Replacement.

  • 1authority

    How do I replace the fuel tank straps on my 97 mustang?

    One side of the strap is just a bolt to loosen and tighten but the other side has to prongs on each side making it impossible to put into the appropriate slot. I cant even get the bad strap out. Is there a way to do this that Im not seeing.

    Put a jack with a small board under the tank on broken strap side (not on strap), loosen the undamaged strap as much as needed but do not remove. Slowly lower the jack to drop tank enough to give.

  • alaska2tex

    How do i remove a fuel pump in my 1992 ford f150?

    Two straps hold the fuel tank in place. As your first answer mentioned, you COULD pull the bed off, that will make changing the fuel pump easier OR you have to drop the tank. That means.

  • jrramirez71

    fuel tank straps?

    how do i find out how many gallon the tank is so that i can buy the right size straps. i have an 86 chevy k-5.

    Dimensions for the 31 gallon tank :28-3/4" x 28-1/8" x 12-3/4". Dimensions for the 25 gallon tank :28-3/4" x 28-1/8" x 10-3/4"

  • ClaudMc72

    How to change fuel pump for a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire.?

    I just asked a question on how to locate the fuel pump. I heard people mention that it is a hard task to complete. Could someone please explain the process of changing the fuel pump. The shop I took it to wanted to charge me over $700 for the.

    The fuel tank has to come off. You have to disconnect the fuel lines and electrical connector. Then loosen the 2 straps that hold the tank in place. This is not easy to do, especially if there is.

  • StumpedInFL

    A question about fuel tank straps on a 1999 Elantra...?

    A fuel tank strap rusted through and broke. It's hanging from the car. The other one is rusted but doesn't look like it will break any time soon. The strap that is remaining looks like it is not holding the weight of the tank, there's some play.

    The two straps are the only items that secure the tank to under the car. Whatever you do, dont fill it up until you get the straps replaced. Put 5 dollars in at a time. You will have to get the.

  • Cb

    How do you drop a 1997 plymouth voyager gas tank?

    How do you drop a 1997 plymouth voyager gas tank to clean it out & put it back on. Someone put sugar in my tank so I was just wondering.

    Most fuel tanks are held up by two metal straps so you just undo those two bolts. However, it's more comlicated than that. You have to remove the filler pipe, the fuel pump (or sending unit).


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Steel fuel tank straps
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fueltank fueltankstraps
installing steel straps to support fuel tank in cockpit locker
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fueltank fueltankstraps
Photo by Venture Minimalists on Flickr

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