Sykes-Pickavant - Universal Wheel Bearing Kit - 08120000.wmv

Universal Set for the removal and installation of flanges and wheel bearings, without the need for dismantling of suspension struts or wheel hubs

Getting Shipshape For Spring - WXII The Triad

Spring is upon us and if your boats not ready, youre behind. For most of us, its not a huge job to get the boat shipshape, but its best to not wait until the day before you want to go on a trip. My theory on procrastination is, If youre going to procrastinate, do it now. The primary enemy of most boats over winter storage is modern gas.


Yahoo answersWill the Wheel Bearing kit 1M5Z-4A013-WWW full Kit for focus rear wheel bearing work on 03 SVT?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    The part number you need is 1M5Z-4A013-LD of rear disc brake equipped models. 1M5Z-4A013-WW is for rear drum brake equipped Focuses, which comprise the majority of them. Hope this helps.

Yahoo answersWhat Size Do I need For The Wheel Bearing?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Pop off the center cap on your wheel, and you may be able to access the axle nut without removing the wheel, otherwise most people won't know the size off the top of their head. There is a chance.

Yahoo answersI need step by step instructions on changing a wheel bearing hub assembly on a 01 explorer sport 4wd?

  • Ford


Yahoo answershow does steering wheel and boss kit works?

  • Honda

    Yes you will need this, but probably not worth the $$$. But if you really want to, NRG sells a short one.

Yahoo answersDo all XJ6's have the same wheel bearings?!?

Yahoo answersWhy car makes "kit-kit" sound when steering wheel is turned all the way to one direction?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    That sound is a cv-joint or constant velosity joint. Its part of the drive axle and is best replaced as an entire unit. It sounds like by your description - that just replacing the driveaxle will.

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  • Getting Shipshape For Spring

    It's really a good idea to grease bearings every year. If you do use a lubrication cap, make sure you don't overfill it. If you put too much grease in the fitting, you can blow the wheel bearing seals out on the other side.

  • For 48 years, Merced body shop owner has had success on wheels

    Some are quite unusual. Leonard Rich, owner of Rich's Auto Body Inc. in Merced, sits Thursday in a 1940 Crosley bearing a logo his shop used in the '80s. Rich says he intends to stay in the business "till they wheel me out on a gurney.

  • First Drive: 2012 Kia Optima Limited

    Expect an announcement on this front sometime this summer, when we will likely also learn if we'll get the rear-wheel-drive Kia K9, which is just making its debut at the Geneva show. In the meantime, Kia has added the top-of-the-line Limited to the

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