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Where Is Your Fuel Filter Hiding

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 45 years, shows the mysterious place where fuel filters are hidden on modern cars.

  • sunnyspicadog

    honda accord '95 fuel filter?

    What's the trick to changing the fuel filter in a 95 accord since the blasted thing's crammed in there.

    FUEL FILTER. Removal and Installation. If applicable, write down the anti-theft code for the radio. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Cover the fuel filter fitting with a shop towel.

  • J.T.

    97 honda civic fuel filter?

    i need to replace the fuel filter on my 97 civic. i'm not sure how labor intensive it is. i was hoping i could replace it myself since i do a few other basic routine repairs, but i don't know where it even is. i was hoping someone out there knows.

    Fuel filter is located on the firewall rightside of the battery in the engine compartment. You can replae this if you have basic tools. First you need to relieve the fuel pressure. Locate the.

  • Prince Calin

    2002 BMW 325i Fuel Filter/Injector Replacement?

    What tools and Parts to I need to replace my Fuel Filter or Injector or both. I hit 100k and I know it's time for something to be replaced.

    Replacing the fuel filter is sensible preventative maintenance at that mileage, especially if it's never been replaced, but the injectors are not a routinely replaced item unless there are symptoms.

  • spaz

    99 Dodge Stratus Fuel Filter?

    Please dont respond unless you know specifically. Where is the fuel filter(s) located on a 99 stratus. 4L 4 Door sedan. Any links to diagrams would be greatly appreciated as well. I'm not sure what model the other question is about so im.

    The fuel filter is located above the fuel tank. To change it, you need to run the gas down as empty as you reasonably can, to make the tank lighter. You have to loosen the 2 straps that hold the.

  • Kory

    How to tell if your fuel filter was clogged?

    I changed the fuel filter on my 01 Pontiac Grand Am and dirty fuel came out the inlet side of the filter and clean fuel came out the outlet side. Is this common of a clogged fuel filter.

    A clogged fuel filter would not provide the proper fuel pressure and fuel volume per unit time even though the fuel pump was functioning properly. Dirt in itself does not mean any filter is bad,.

  • Ahmed Abdou

    Can strong injector cleaner clean fuel filter? where dirt will go ?

    My fuel Filter in my Jeep commander is clogged. Location of the fuel filter is in the fuel pump assembly inside the fuel tank. I don't want to go through removing fuel tank to change the fuel filters. i am thinking to put a strong fuel.

    Fuel injector cleaners do only one thing. Well, two things. First, they help empty your wallet. Second, they dissolve what is called "varnish", which builds up either in the injectors or the intake.


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Fuel Pickup Filter
After advice from another XM owner I decided to remove the fuel pickup from the tank to check for dirt and sure enough there it was. The dirty part was cleaned in a jam jar of unleaded petrol with a toothbrush.
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Photo by Jim Bryant/NW Guardian. Environmental Specialists Victor Rodelo attaches a hose from a filtering unit at JBLM's Installation Fuel Filtering Facility before pumping of JP5 begins into one of the 593rd...
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