Replace front axle seals 1998 Dodge Ram 4X4, part 1

A detailed, step by step video showing how I replaced both front axle seals and removed the front differential on a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Light Duty 4X4. This is the very popular Dana 44 axle, used in many light trucks of that vintage.

Kopycinski's Brain - Looking Into Front Axle Bearings - Off-Road Magazine

There are two common types of bearing assemblies that you’ll typically encounter when servicing front axles: fixed spindle assemblies and unit bearing assemblies. Traditional spindle assemblies use a set of tapered roller bearings inside a wheel hub that is slipped over a spindle mounted to the axle housing. Unit bearings.


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    That is strange. Only a few things come to mind. Either it's the wrong seal(make sure there are not different seals for that year as sometimes they can be changed even in the middle of a years.

Yahoo answersWhat's the average price to get a rear axle seal replaced on a rear wheel drive truck?

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    Do you not have a cell phone and a telephone book to find out yourself. you can also use your computer to look up shops in your area. But a manual and do it yourself.

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    You need to pull the rear axle out of the housing, Take the third member housing off, there will be a 1/4 inch bolt holding a shaft in place. take the bolt out as far as you can. The spider gears.

Yahoo answersI got my axle seal on my truck fixed a few weeks ago and now I'm having problems wen in four wheel drive?

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    You say it only happens when you put it in 4wd mode so that means the rear diff is fine. The front diff/transfer case needs to be checked out. Ensure it has the proper gear oil and filled to the.

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  • Kopycinski's Brain - Looking Into Front Axle Bearings

    The unit bearing assembly is sold as a sealed unit and is not meant to be serviced. Replacing these assemblies is quite easy, but you don't have the choice of replacing bearings or seals individually. Kopycinskis Brain Looking Into Front Axle Bearings

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    Other pointers: The number of quality door hinges can make a difference; gaskets seal out moisture to make possible a double seal; and door hardware (hinges, lock-rods, fasteners) should be of the best quality. 4. Axle and wheel-end parts.

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    Hope the fuel delivery person can get up the little hill with his dual axle truck. Oh and it is snowing right now. Must say I'll take the snow over those horrific storms going on through tornado alley. What a tragedy for all those people.

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