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Cold Start Valve

A101 on the mechanism that helps our cars start in the cold. http://www.

  • David

    How to bypass a cold start valve to a toggle?

    I have a 1990 Mercedes Benz 300e and the power to the cold start valve isn't working, someone suggested to bypass it to a toggle but im not sure how to.

    most electric cold start injector provide power to the injector and a ground is provided when needed inside the ecm. If you want to make your own ground to energize the the injector you will need.

  • dinoduos

    i am looking for a cold start valve for 1989 camaro v6 cant find it anywhere'?

    we have been looking all over for this part and cant find it please help me.

    Hi I have a 1993 Grand Prix with the 3. 1L MPFI V6 which is the same as your 2. 8L V6 in your Camaro. Older GM cars don't use cold start injectors they use the cars computer to richen the fuel.

  • taniesha

    2004 hyundai sonata hard to start when engine is cold?

    Investigat cold start unit,usually a shuttle valve type that has engine breather fumes running through it ,they clog up with engine deposits(carbon/oildeposit)remove and clean shuttle with brake.

  • Chet

    cold start plug 89 jetta?

    would this plug have anything 2 do with not starting my sons having trouble and this came up what does this do and how does this work im lost car will not start the next day jump it runs great next day nothing battery ect all check out what.

    The cold start valve is essentially a fifth fuel injector that squirts extra fuel into the manifold to help start the car when it's cold. It has nothing to do with the electrical system drain you.

  • Steven N

    cold starting?

    I have a 1997 Ford crownvi. It runs great on hot or cold. Currently it has 94000 miles, the problem I have is , it is reluctant to run in the cold morning ( It starts, run & shuts off immediately ). I usually try several times( wait 10 sec.

    It sounds like a plugged fuel filter causing the fuel pressure to be to low to activate the cold start valve if equipped. There is a possibility the fuel pump is going bad but replaced the filter.

  • usmc680311sl

    where is the cold start sensor or valve on 92 nissian stanzia?

    my son has one and it won't idle well hes been told its the cold start sensor or valve and we have no idea where it is on the engine nor do the parts places hes been to. It gets better after the engine warms making me think it not the idle control.

    I would lean more to the (AAC) auxiliary air control valve because that car does not have a cold start sensor or valve. best to scan the vehicles computer for codes and sensor.


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