Loose Axle U Bolts

This guy just purchased the truck and brought it up to be inspected.

BDS Cherokee Chief Lift Kit: Full-Size Spring Surprise - JP Magazine

This stupid Jeep has become one of the family. It’ll swallow a day’s worth of beach gear or accommodate enough bikes, toys, or fishing stuff for five people. It’s a day-trip, family-fun, retro-throwback machine. Get in, unplug, hit the road, and follow the.

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Yahoo answersWhere can I get a lowering kit for cheap for a 1975 Toyota with leaf springs?

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    http://www. dormanproducts. com/p-27480-35602. Type : Round. Thread Size (D) : 7/16-20. Inside Length (L) : 6-1/2". Inside Width (C) : 2-1/2".

Yahoo answerson a toyota solid axle?

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    Did you try TTORA.

Yahoo answersJeep cherokee block lift u bolts?

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    it also could be a dana 35, and you will most likely need to go to a 4x4 shop to get u bolts made for it, with the right length that you need. always get longer ones, just in case you wanna go.

Yahoo answersis this used jeep a good deal?

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    Sounds a little steep to me. Body Lifts are not good on CJ-7's. They should have done a spring over and no body lift. No front fenders will make it illegal to drive on the streets. The AMC 304.

Yahoo answersDoes my 1997 Cherokee Sport 4x4 4dr 5-spd have a Dana or Chrysler rear axle?

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    call jeep dealer they can tel you

Yahoo answersDrop kit Ford F150. Please Help?

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  • BDS Cherokee Chief Lift Kit: Full-Size Spring Surprise

    The company offers a 4-inch lift for our vehicle, including new front springs with factory-type rubber bushings, U-bolts, shocks, and brake line drop brackets. Rather than using a lift block or add-a-leaf out back, we chose the company's optional full

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    If you can't find the Scout 300 you can use an adapter kit from the Texas bolt pattern to the circular Jeep Dana 300 bolt pattern, but you may need to change the output shaft of your transmission and change your driveshaft lengths.

  • The Wife's Car: 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rubicon

    The front axle is from a '92 Ford F-350, before Ford went to the goofy metric eight-lug bolt pattern, and uses Superior 35-spline chromoly axleshafts and CTM U-joints. The rear axle was sourced from a Ford van and has a smooth bottom on the housing and

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