Loose Axle U Bolts

This guy just purchased the truck and brought it up to be inspected.

BDS Cherokee Chief Lift Kit: Full-Size Spring Surprise - JP Magazine

This stupid Jeep has become one of the family. It’ll swallow a day’s worth of beach gear or accommodate enough bikes, toys, or fishing stuff for five people. It’s a day-trip, family-fun, retro-throwback machine. Get in, unplug, hit the road, and follow the.

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Yahoo answersDo you know where I can get a square-bend u-bolt. 1-3/4 inside dimension and threaded all the way?

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    Here's a place "KMT Parts". that specializes in trailer suspension parts:. http://www. category=15410&count=1.

Yahoo answershow do I remove the bolt that holds the leaf springs on my 4wd pickup to the axle?

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    cut it off, and purely as a suggestion buy all new stainless steel bolts if there is any rust happening (and it will look better.

Yahoo answersIs there a way to find out what size u-bolt this is?

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    the manual won't help. you have to go underneath and measure it yourself. you measure the length from the top of the curve to the end of the threads. then you measure centre to centre across the.

Yahoo answerswhat is the plate called on top of the leaf springs on an 87 f150 that the u-bolts for axle go thru?

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    its called the shock plate. ,its where your shocks bolts up.

Yahoo answersjust added a 2" block lift to. my 92 wrangler, should my U bolts be up or down from my axle?

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    A 92 Wrangler has the springs running BELOW the axles. If you put 2" spacers between your springs and axles, you LOWERED your jeep

Yahoo answersthe jeep mech. said I have to replace the front U-bolts on the front axle of my 99 Sahara...?

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    Front U bolts or front U joints. There is a big difference, the main difference in your case is your Sahara DOES NOT have u bolts holding the front or rear axles in place like the old leaf spring .

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  • BDS Cherokee Chief Lift Kit: Full-Size Spring Surprise

    The company offers a 4-inch lift for our vehicle, including new front springs with factory-type rubber bushings, U-bolts, shocks, and brake line drop brackets. Rather than using a lift block or add-a-leaf out back, we chose the company's optional full

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    The front axle is from a '92 Ford F-350, before Ford went to the goofy metric eight-lug bolt pattern, and uses Superior 35-spline chromoly axleshafts and CTM U-joints. The rear axle was sourced from a Ford van and has a smooth bottom on the housing and

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    Q: I'ma low budget Jeeper and I have been breaking my YJ front axles regularly and wearing out unit bearings frequently. I've done some searching on the web and found that I could put XJ or TJ axles in my housing to get the larger 760 size U-joints,

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