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Fixed the choke on my '79 Dodge 100 truck. Cold start & drive

Sometime this winter I decided to figure why my truck had to warm up so long, I had made a video of the carburetor last winter so I could see what was going .

  • nickoname

    Stuck choke!?

    I have a 1973 Chevy 1/2 c10 truck and when I start it the choke wont go of unless i hit the gas. Once it dose go off it will come back on wile driving. What's wrong and how do I fix it. I don't know it might be.

    replace the choke thermostat on the side of the carb. it will then need to be properly adjusted.

  • Leah P

    rochester bc 1 barrel carb with choke thermostat?

    I have a chevy van with inline 6 and 1 barrel rochester bc carb this is different than the m mv carb. This carb has a choke pulloff ( vacuum controlled ) and also a choke which is thermostatically controlled ( or divorced choke) I just recently.

    The manual choke kits they sell at the aftermarket auto parts stores have several ways of connecting the cable end to the linkage that used to be controlled by the automatic controlling.

  • William

    1984 carburated van starting question: butteryfly valve?

    After my 1984 van is parked for a half hour or more, I have to prop open the butterfly valve with a screwdriver to get the van restarted. What do I need to do to remedy.

    It sounds like the choke is not operating properly or if it was ever messed with it may be out of adjustment. You didn't mention the engine size. that would help here since different carbs were.

  • Mike

    What part is this on my 78 corvette intake manifold? few pics?

    picture 1 - http://i528. photobucket. com/albums/dd326/blk600cc/car2-1. picture 2 - http://i528. com/albums/dd326/blk600cc/car1-1.

    That's a hot air tube for a choke thermostat. It heats the choke coil so it opens up quickly.

  • Jenn

    Choke keeps getting stuck, What should I do?

    I have an 89 corolla and the choke on the carburetor keeps getting stuck so where it is incredibly hard to get gas to pump. Anyway to mend this problem with out having to rebuild the carburetor. I have already replaced the fuel pump and filter.

    well, first of all, i need to know by my "choke keeps getting stuck" if you mean that it is not opening up when the engine is started. and if that is the case, the is a vacuum "motor" , called.


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