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Carburetor vs Fuel Injection - Summit Racing 101

Listen as Dave guides you through 2 barrel carbs, spread bore carbs, race carbs and compares.

  • Rob

    Carburetor (small engine) quiz.?

    I accidentally left my binder at school for my small engines class and I have a quiz on carburetors tomorrow. Can some one explain how it works, and if you have a website where I could look at a labeled diagram of a carburetor (elbow/corner type).

    * A carburetor is that part of a gasoline engine which provides the mixture of gasoline and air that the engine burns. The carburetor must mix the gasoline with about 15 times its weight in air for.

  • Sprint B 'Stang

    Question about carburetors?

    My father has a 350 cu. chevy engine with a Q-Jet carburetor, the engine is stock but when the air cleaner is off it sounds like it has a turbo-charger and is about to suck in the whole hood when he revs the vehicle up. I have a Holley 600cfm 4v.

    The Q-Jet carb is a "spread bore" carburetor which means the secondary jets are larger than the primaries. A 4-barrel carburetor has 4 jets and the first 2 stay open at a cruise but the next 2.

  • Willie S

    is it my carburetor?

    i have a 1987 chevy caprice 305 v8 engine with a carburetor . i had the carb rebulit about 5 yrs ago because it was going bad. just tonight i was backing the car up in the garage and it just died on me in the drive way (thank god i wasnt on the.

    If you need to start your car, where the fuel line goes into the carburetor, with a metal hammer or similar wrench, just tap that area 2 or 3 times. There is a check valve that is.

  • Brandon

    what does the Carburetor do?

    It meters fuel with air percentages depending on engine temperature, ambient temperature, load and RPM. At idle, fuel is metered under the throttle plates with air passing through and around the.

  • Alex55

    Carburetor Problems 72 VW beetle motor?

    I have a dune buggy with a 72 VW motor. I have a Solex H30/31PICT carburetor on it now, and I am having problems with it. Its been cleaned and rebuilt by 3 different mechanics, but still just having issues. I need to replace it, but wanted to know.

    Dual carbs pose their own unique troubles, but can improve performance somewhat. Expect to spend around $600. 00 though. You can opt also for a progressive Weber, but that also is pricey.

  • sd619

    Why does gas spray through carburetor?

    After being being rebuilt, why does fuel still spray through the carburetor. s it carburetor from a boat, & what do I do to fix it.

    Carburetors are supposed to allow fuel and air to flow into the engine. The job of the carburetor is to draw in the proper amount of fuel based on the amount of air being sucked in the engine.


  • Weber Carburetors

    Penguin. 1988. ISBN: 0895863774,9780895863775. 176 pages.

    Weber Carburetors Manual DGAV Dual-Downdraft Easy-To-Follow Instructions Explains The Basics Of Carburetion Design Explains The Theory Of Operation Includes Photographs Repair Techniques On IMPE Single Throat Replacement Applications And Troubleshooting How To Select; Install and Tune For Performance

  • The Holley Carburetor Handbook 4150 and 4160

    Penguin. 1980. ISBN: 0895860473,9780895860477. 80 pages.

    Explains how automobile fuel systems work, and how to repair, adjust, or install a carburetor

1920s 3 vintage o 5 five w jet bentley smiths patina litre carburetor
Rare Smiths 5 jet carburetor, on a vintage 3 litre Bentley engine.
When W O Bentley started building cars in the early 1920s these were his carburetor of choice, but it is said that W O found them too expensive even for a pricy car like a Bentley, so then fitted twin 'slopers' S Us...
Photo by adamnsinger on Flickr
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Carburetors and Bows
And some neon and christmas lights too! I love the tones on these and how they blend Flo's into Ramone's with the color scheme. Have a happy Monday!
Photo by KGSImaging on Flickr
ooo.. inside the carburetor
Photo by dennis on Flickr

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