Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

Details the operation of the engine coolant sensor (ECT). The ECT is a thermistor device with a negative temperature coefficient. The ECT is one of the main inputs to the ECM. It operation has a huge effect on performance.

Click and Clack Talk Cars: Urea is a legitimate expense for Mercedes - The Daily Jeffersonian

DEAR TOM AND RAY: Can this be true, or are my wife and I just gullible. Our dealer claims that we need to add "urea" to our BlueTec 350 Mercedes engine. With 21,000 miles on the car, we have spent almost $200 with the dealer to add this "urea. Are we being taken for the ultimate luxury-car ride, or is this a legitimate cost.

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Yahoo answersWhere is the oil pressure sensor and the water Temp sensor in my 1986 2.8 L V6 camaro?

  • Chevrolet

    The Oil Press sensor is located behind the distributor on the back side of the block. You will need a special socket to remove it. Any parts store will have one. Water temp sensor is screwed into.

Yahoo answersWater temp sensor placement on an '81 chevy 350 engine?

  • Chevrolet

    just in front of the thermostat housing is the temp sending unit,

Yahoo answerswhere does the water temp sensor terminate into the engine?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Try looking at the rear of the intake manifold.

Yahoo answershaving problems with my water temp sensor on my 2001 jetta vr6, can someone give me some pointers?

  • Volkswagen

    check for coolant circulation and that your fans are working correctly, if so unplug the sensor at the coolant bottle and jump the plug with a wire if the light stays out replace the bottle,

Yahoo answersAftermarket water temp sensor placement on an '81 chevy 350?

  • Chevrolet

    Nope, that's where they go.

Yahoo answersHow do i repace the water temp sensor on a 90 civic with a 1.6L si engine? and is it hard/expensive?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    No it isn't expensive trick is finding the darn thing and getting the part number off it. Go to the library and get a maintenance manual for that make and model car It will show you every part and.

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  • Click and Clack Talk Cars: Urea is a legitimate expense for Mercedes

    TOM: If I had to take a wild guess -- which is all I do -- I'd guess it's going to be a bad coolant temperature sensor. RAY: The coolant temp sensor, as its name implies, tells the computer whether the engine is warm or cold by measuring the

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