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  • GoldBug

    Another EGR valve question?

    How do you know if you need a new EGR valve or if you just need to clean it.

    Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves are usually vacuum operated. Assuming this is the case with your car I offer this explanation that might assist you in determining if it needs to be cleaned.

  • d.slater64

    bent exhaust valve?

    Chev 350 in marine use. Made horiffic exhaust noise, especially with increasing throttle. Cam seems fine still, but the rocker on #5 exhaust was somewhat off to the side but still touching the side of the valve stem. but stem bent. What would.

    You have several problems here. First of all lets dispense with the marine part, -- which is mostly cooling system conversion. A bent valve -- probably reason for popping, - it is most likely.

  • Chevy Caprice 1991

    getting EGR incorrect valve operation 32 Code on my Caprice 1991?

    i have recently owned Caprice 1991 with 5. 0 engine. i have been getting CHeck Engine light on. I went to my nearest car service center and get the code scanned. Electrician told me that its code 32 that says = EGR Signaling Incorrect Valve.

    EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is a pollution control device used to reduce NOX which is a photochemical smog. NOX contributes to the ugly brown ozone that you see in cities such as Los Angeles.

  • Melissa H

    how does an exhaust valve on a sulzer wallen engine work?

    how does an exhaust valve on a sulzer wallen engine work. I can not find a good explanation of how it works so i'm wondering if anyone knows.

    I am not sure what you mean by Wallen, but I can give you some information about current Sulzer practice. As your question refers specifically to an exhaust valve, I have assumed that you are.

  • frost1085

    chevy 350 exhaust valve seat pittings?

    here are pix's i want to no, if there is a easy fix or does it have 2 b machined thanks. i think it use to have a bent valve in it. http://community. com/discussion/2283910/chevy-350-heads-valve-seat-pits.

    Your pics are too small and not clear enough for me to give you a 100% sure answer. My thought on this though is try to power lap the valves and see if that takes pitting out. If not then you.

  • Mya

    Cylinder heads and Exhaust valves?

    What are the benefits of changing new cylinder heads and exhaust valves in the Main engine of the vessel. I am now studying a vessel which has a problem with their main engine. Frequent repair of cylinder heads (they usually weld it) and exhaust.

    It sounds to me like this ship has an ongoing exhaust problem. (maybe an obstruction of the flow) Or a low volume of cooling water (look at the water pumps). About the only reason to weld a head.


  • Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology

    Nelson Thornes. 1991. ISBN: 0748705317,9780748705313. 486 pages.

    This is the fourth edition of a textbook which aims to cover the construction of motor vehicles and their components in a manner simple enough to be understood by young apprentices beginning their training as mechanics, and detailed enough to serve as a solid foundation for later work.

  • The Internal-combustion Engine in Theory and Practice: Thermodynamics, fluid flow, performance

    MIT Press. 1984. ISBN: 0262700263,9780262700269. 584 pages.

    This revised edition of Taylor's classic work on the internal-combustion engine incorporates changes and additions in engine design and control that have been brought on by the world petroleum crisis, the subsequent emphasis on fuel economy, and the legal restraints on air pollution.The fundamentals and the topical organization, however, remain the same. The analytic rather than merely descriptive treatment of actual engine cycles, the exhaustive studies of air capacity, heat flow, friction, and the effects of cylinder size, and the emphasis on application have been preserved. These are the basic qualities that have made Taylor's work indispensable to more than one generation of engineers and designers of internal-combustion engines, as well as to teachers and graduate students in the fields of power, internal-combustion engineering, and general machine design.Charles Fayette Taylor is Professor of Automotive Engineering Emeritus at MIT. He directed the Sloan Automotive Laboratories at MIT from 1926 to 1960

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New use for exhaust valve
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Valve gear
Controls of the steam, inlet, equilibrium and exhaust valves on the "90" engine at Kew bridge.
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Exhaust Valve.
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