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✇ How To Replace Exhaust Manifold Chevy 400 ; Half Idiots Guide

com http://www. com/76Suburban How to replace a broken exhaust manifold on a Chevy Small Block 400 in a 1976 GMC Suburban 4 x 4.

  • intellect

    question about exhaust manifold?

    i have a cracked exhaust manifold, how long can i drive without any risks or further damage. and what is the exhaust manifold even for.

    The purpose of the exhaust manifold is to draw engine exhaust from the block. The exhaust is tested by sensors to determine how well fuel/air are being burnt and if any adjustments are needed (02.

  • Grad 1

    what all does the exhaust manifold effect besides the loud noise?

    Exhaust manifolds are generally simple cast iron units which collect engine exhaust from multiple cylinders and deliver it to the exhaust pipe. For many engines after market high performance.

  • jcn

    What does the exhaust manifold do?

    I just had the engine replaced in a car. When I was driving it home from the mechanic, the check engine light came on so I took it back. Now they said that the exhaust manifold has to be replaced. It's under warranty (no charge) but I am wondering.

    exhaust manifold is the part that collects the multiple exhaust fumes from the cylinders, through the exhaust valves(which are inside the engine) and is the route which the fumes travel to the.

  • Bleeker

    Headers or exhaust manifolds?

    I have a 67 Mustang 289cu and want to know what would go best with it. I was thinking some headman headers or exhaust manifolds. What would make it sound better and what are the benefits to each one.

    Factory manifolds are restrictive compared to any aftermarket header. Having said that, they are much easier to install than headers and you can bolt up a factory exhaust to them. Headers will make.

  • rdbosse

    Headers and Exhaust manifolds?

    okay i just bought a new 350 HO crate. and the guy who put it in put on exhaust manifolds instead of headers. now you have to buy them both, and yes headers are a little more expensive,but. well im trying to ask why co. like GM don't put headers.

    exhaust manifolds are cheap to make they last a lot longer than headers. and CLEARANCE. when you put headers on you will notice most of the time you have to fight them in every inch of the way.

  • Mignon

    what is exhaust manifolds?

    Boat exhaust systems need to stay cool in an enclosed area. They may be below the deck or under a 'dog house'. Unlike an automotive system that uses air flow to cool the under hood heat,a marine.


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2003 engine mitsubishi exhaust manifold outlander
Exhaust Manifold Mitsubishi Outlander 2003
One of the few equal length four-into-one headers I've ever seen on a production car.
Photo by smneale on Flickr
leica honda 28mm moto motorcycle cb cb400f f28 exhaust manifold 400f elmaritr leitax
Steering stem removed for install of new tapered roller bushings, and sundry other upgrades.
Photo by z5 on Flickr
tubes astonmartin db9 dbr9 hisgett exhaustmanifold lmgt1
AstonMartin DB9R LMGT1 Exhaust Manifold
Photo by ahisgett on Flickr

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