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V-Belt Basics.mpg

Video explaining the characteristics and selection of v-belts.

  • salarzai

    why we use small v-belt and long v-belt? ?

    i seem in many industries that they use different size of belt by length for example some time they use 110 inches belt and some place they use 30 inches belt.

    * V belt system comprises of drive and driven pulley and V belts. There may be a single V belt or multi V belts. Depending on the size of the pulley V belt are selected. Also, you have to.

  • insane_monkies_21

    how to replace the fan belt in 84 Fiero?

    My friend's fan belt in her 84 Fiero broke. Could someone tell me how to replace this. Is it fairly easy or hard.

    On cars with V-belts (the thin ones, before Serpentine belts), the Alternator, Power Steering pump, and Air Conditioning compressor (may not have either of the last 2) pivoted in and out (towards.


    2000 Passat V-6 drive belt?

    I need to know how much this part costs. I would also like to know what's a reasonable charge by the dealer to install it. Thanks a bunch.

    A serpentine belt for that motor should be about 30-35 dollars for a decent belt. Changing a drive belt is a fairly easy task, if you purchase a repair manual, it will detail step-by-step all you.

  • JCHC

    Regarding V-belts and drive, why V-belts is better?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of V-belts drives over flat belt drive. I have observed that V-belts drives is commonly used rather than flat belt drive. As for the selection of a particular drive for power transmission, what.

    V-belt drives are more common because the driving wheel pulls the v-belt into the vee section of the pulley wheels, wedging the belt in and creating a much tighter grip. Flat belt drives may be.


    why is advised against to put oil on v-belts?

    Belt will slip. If it's squeaking, tighten whatever pulley that is loose. If it's a serpentine belt, there should be an automatic tensioner pulley. Spring might be shot. Or try belt dressing on the.

  • Mehdi

    what is the difference between htd-belt and v-belt?

    *High Torque Drive (HTD) Belts are the development of timing belts with 'curvilinear' tooth form enabling 'High Torque Drives'. These types are belts are finding applications in generators,vehicles.


  • The Design of a Rubber V-belt Continuously Variable Transmission

    1982. 202 pages.
  • Belt Selection and Application for Engineers

    CRC Press. 1987. ISBN: 0824773535,9780824773533. 496 pages.
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