Loose flex plate bolts

RESULT: LOOSE FLEX PLATE BOLTS. (the bolts that connect the flex plate to the transmission) real bad knocking noise. thrown rod, main bearing or flex plate. 2001 jeep cherokee XJ 4. 0L 4x4 with aw-4 tranny. only 102k miles. I never have.

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Yahoo answerswhat is the difference in the clutch pressure plate on a Vibe and a Vibe GT?

  • Pontiac

    no difference . Best thing to do is go to your favorite autotparts web side and cross reference the parts to satisfy yourself.

Yahoo answersWill an old style (55-86) Chevy pressure plate bolt to a one piece (98) Chevy flywheel?

  • Chevrolet

    I think the bolt styles are different - metric with a stepped head vs SAE - (you may want to check that. I can't be sure). I don't know about the bolt dimensions - why wouldn't you want to go with.

Yahoo answersHow can you tighten flywheel and pressure plate bolts without spinning the engine?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Have someone else hold the harmonic/crankshaft balancer with a wrench or breaker bar and socket. That way you can apply torque to the bolts on opposite end. Only way I know to do it I do not know.

Yahoo answersanyone ever heard of pressure plate bolts deciding to finally back out after 10k miles? loctite and torqued.?

Yahoo answersDoes anyone know the proper torque spec for the pressure plate to flywheel bolts on my 2000 Nissan Frontier?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    RTFM ( Chiltons )

Yahoo answers1976 280Z 5speed what does the pressure plate torque to the flywheel at?

  • Nissan

    i would go with 11-16, I think the "master tech" guy may be thinking of the ZX clutch cover which is a little higher at 14-22 ft/lb but still 29 is far too high, you're going to have a short lived.

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