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SKF Installing an SKF Timing belt kit w/ water pump on a VW Passat 1.9 TDI - uk playlist

Installing an SKF Timing belt kit with water pump VKMC 01250-1 VKMA 01250: 038 198 119 A, 038 198 119 C VKPC 81626: 038 121 011 J, 03L 121 011 B VKPC 81626: .

  • Rileys Mommy

    Timing Kits?

    What is the purpose of a timing belt. I got my water pump fixed and on the receipt it says timing kit. what's this.

    The timing belt in enclosed behind a cover (you cannot see it) on the engine. Timing belt turns the cam and crankshaft. Timing belt replacement is a mileage related replacement, like a Honda.

  • Princess Bubble Gum

    What does the timing belt kit consist of?

    Idk to buy the kit or everything seperate I need the timing belt, the serpentine belt,water pump and a coolant. Does the kit have all this.

    No, probably the kit has the timing belt and the timing belt tensioner, you may still need to buy a timing belt idler pulley, but since you didn't tell us what you are working on who knows.

  • Dat A

    Aisin, dayco, gates timing belt kit?

    I have a 1990 Toyota Camry Le that needs a new timing belt and water pump replaced. Which brand should I go with.

    Gates is good for the belt, while AISIN is great for the pump, if you can't manage to get the two separate, I suggest going with an AISIN kit regardless. Happy hunting.

  • DHS82

    price for timing belt kit and water pump?

    I got a quote today from a local mechanic of $600. Is this a good price or should I get more quotes elsewhere. My car is a 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer with 136,000 miles.

    a belt cost about $50-100 and the pump is probably about 130. a full kit which would include all the bearings would be 400-900 depending on brand and if mitsubishi genuine parts or which after.

  • George N

    Audi timing belt?

    I have located a kit to replace the timing belt on my 99 A4. It is complete with tensioner and water pump. It costs $150 plus shipping. My plan was to buy the kit and then take it to my local Import shop and have them install the kit.

    For $150 you seem to have got a bargain with the belt kit Make sure that the water pump has a metal and not a plastic impeller these are prown to shearing off . The scheduled time for a belt change.

  • Best timing belt complete kit for honda prelude?

    The "best", of course, is the Genuine Honda belt. It might be a couple bucks more, but as usual, "you get what you pay for". The Honda part is guaranteed to fit perfectly and last the longest.


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