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Timing Belt - the Forgotten Belt (by Dayco)

Timing Belt - the Forgotten Belt.

  • BlahBlah444

    Fixing Misaligned Timing Belt?

    The timing belt on my car is off a tooth. How would i go about fixing this.

    Timing belts can't move so if it is out it has been set like that. If it did move off the tooth while running then the car would stop as the belt would be stripped. Remove the timing belt cover.

  • Lloyd

    What are the symptoms of a cracked timing belt case?

    My car cuts out in lower gears. I recently had my timing belt changd and this made the poblem 300 time worst. When i wnet to another garage they told me that i what had cause it to go worst was a crack in the case of the timing belt.

    The timing belt case, or shroud, is simply a cover to keep dirt and water from getting on the timing belt and gumming up the belt tensioner and drive gears on the camshaft and crankshaft.

  • junheo01

    timing belt question?

    does 2001 lexus IS300 have timing belt or chain. where can i find all vehicle that have timing belt.

    Timing belt. To find which car has timing belt. you will have to look it up in automotive book or know the engine from experience. Toyota, Lexus, and most Japanese cars use timing belt.

  • cheezygrits

    Advise on a timing belt?

    my car is at 171,000 miles I changed the timing belt at around 90,000 miles, when I did so the belt was taken off and found to be in good condition regardless of the fact I had 90,000 miles. now 4 years later I do not want to spend the cash.

    Most timing belts are recommended to be changed every 80 to 90 K miles. This is to keep you from having to spend more money on getting other parts when the belt is allowed to break and damages the.

  • helloguy

    timing belt?

    how do you know if your timing belt is going bad. i have about 101XXX miles on my ealge talon engine and never been changed. should i change it. how much will it cost at the shops.

    Timing belts are not a wear item. Except for rare instances (such as a worn guide or improper installation) they are either good. The service interval on that car for your timing belt.

  • Glennan

    2000 Honda civic timing belt?

    I want to get my timing belt changed to give my car a better accel. Now I can go to a speed shop and get it done for $600 but I feel like I can get it cheaper at a local shop. Will going to a normal mechanic change the speed or the correct timing.

    Timing does affect performance, that's why honda and other car manufacturers started using variable valve timing. Changing the timing relative to how fast the engine is spinning would optimize it.


  • Handbook Timing Belts

    Springer. 2012. ISBN: 9783642177545,3642177549. 269 pages.

    Timing belts offer a broad range of innovative drivetrain solutions; they allow low-backlash operation in robot systems, they are widely used in automated processes and industrial handling involving highly dynamic start-up loads, they are low-maintenance solutions for continuous operation applications, and they can guarantee exact positioning at high operating speeds. Based on his years of professional experience, the author has developed concise guidelines for the dimensioning of timing belt drives and presents proven examples from the fields of power transmission, transport and linear transfer technology. He offers definitive support for dealing with and compensating for adverse operating conditions and belt damage, as well as advice on drive optimization and guidelines for the design of drivetrain details and supporting systems. All market-standard timing belts are listed as brand neutral. Readers will discover an extensive bibliography with information on the various manufacturers and their websites. This practical handbook addresses both the needs of application engineers working in design, development and machine-building, and is well-suited as a textbook for students at universities and vocational schools alike.

  • "Timing" belt drive engineering handbook

    2014. 189 pages.
audi a6 audia6 timingbelt cambelt
Audi A6 Timing Belt
AUDI A6 1.9 TDI (2003) This picture shows the timing belt ("cambelt") and associated parts - courtesy of the Follettmotors VW Audi Blog You are welcome to use this image...
Photo by follettmotors_com on Flickr
citroen xm timingbelt
Timing Belt
The timing belt 's cover was next. I found that after placing the belt around the sprocket an old sock held it in place whilst threading the rest of the belt.
Photo by steelcityuk on Flickr
cnc timingbelt 1184
Timing Belt GT2 Profile - 2mm pitch - 6mm wide 1164mm long
Available at Adafruit!
Photo by adafruit on Flickr

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