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This video will show you the proper way to install cylinder, heads, rocker, arms, push rods.

  • Thurman

    95 mustang rocker arms?

    I just changed my head gaskets on a 95 mustang 3. 8. I put my rocker arms and push rods in. Do I just tighten and line them up or what. I need some help.

    Torquing rocker arm bolts 95 3. 8 mustang. › Cars & Transportation › Maintenance & Repairs. 1 answer - Jan 19, 2011. I have a 1995 3. 8 mustang I had to change.

  • hook in mouth

    rocker arms?

    I have to adjust my rocker arms on my 71 351 windsor. I know I have to prime the oil pump first before I do my rocker arms but whats the other steps. Can I just spin the nut down about 8 threads and start and listen for noise and go from there.

    Do you have the stock valvetrain on this windsor. If so I would adjust them while the engine is turning or on. If you have aftermarket roller rockers and your heads have screw in studs, loosen the.

  • Willis C

    How do I Change Out my Rocker Arms?

    Its a 4 bolt main 350 with I think 3/8" studs. If I remove the valve covers & rockers what problems can i run into. Is it as simple as unbolting the old rockers & placing the new on & tightening the nut & the ball. I'm replacing my 1. 5-1 with.

    You have 1 thing you need to check 1st. . Not all SBC heads in stock form will work with 1. 6 rockers. The high ratio rocker moves the pushrod out some. You know in your heads, the push rods.

  • marc

    will stock rocker arms work?

    im thinking about dropping a comp cams thumpr cam kit from jegs into my 1972 el camino 350 ci engine. here are the cam specs:. #249-K12-600-4. # Thumpr Camshaft Kit 279T H-107. # Adv/Dur: 279/297. # RPM Range: 2000 to 5800. # Intake/Exhaust Lift:.

    No need for poly locks like that one guy recommeded. All gen I sbc had adjustable valvetrain and the grooved lock ball works great for holding the valve lash adjustment. 479" lift is getting.

  • guido

    What does the engine do when your rocker arm goes?

    Without the rocker arm to open valves the cylinder it's on either can't get fuel or can't exhaust its exhaust. Either way, that cylinder won't work. The engine will still run on the other seven or.

  • eightballe

    rocker arm issues?

    1971 impala, 350 2 bbl. replaced the timing chain and all, but every week so far there is one rocker arm that is always breaking, and it's a different one every time. what is the issue cause this is the 3rd time this had happened and i am tired.

    you may be adjusting your rocker arms too tight. with the valve covers off & the engine idleing (yes it will be a little messy) back off (turn the nut counterclockwise) each rocker arm until it.


  • How to Rebuild Your Small-block Mopar

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  • Mustang 5.0 Projects

    Penguin. 1997. ISBN: 1557882754,9781557882752. 185 pages.

    Includes in-depth instructions on: engine tech, exhaust, fuel systems, manual and automatic transmissions, suspension, interior, body and exterior, nitrous and supercharging, and much more.

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