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Pushrod Suspension - Explained

How does a push-rod suspension work. In this video I explain how Formula 1 incorporates push-rod suspensions into their desig.

  • michael m

    1340 harley, adjusting pushrods,?

    when I roll the front cylinder over to top dead center mark on the crank the front exaust tappet is coming up, screamin eagle directions say nothing about tdc, they say roll motor over till both front tappets are at there lowest point then zero.

    this is not rocket science. Adjusting pushrods is easy. Do you have a service manual. Are you sure you are using the correct timing mark on the flywheel. TDC is a line, not 2 dots and are.

  • Bike Dude 14

    Difference between ohc and pushrod V8?

    I understand dohc and sohc and how they are both ohc in an in line configuration like I4 or I6 but I dont really understand the difference between an ohc and a pushrod in a V configuration. How I see it, they are the same idea expect pushrod has.

    the ohc has the cam above the head, under the valve cover, i've not really researched the advantages but seemd common knowledge it makes more power, with roller rockers you an increase the duration.

  • gangsters_life_4me

    1969 Dodge Charger bent pushrods...?

    I recently installed a new camshaft into my 69 Charger with a 383. It was a Mopar Performance Purple shaft cam with. 474 lift and 280 duration. After it was installed the car didn't seem to have too much power but it ran fairly well. I drove the.

    If the cam was replaced and the valve guides and valves were not serviced it is possible that the increased lift caused the valves to stick (micro welds caused by friction) This sudden sticking.

  • Banjo

    No oil coming up thru pushrod?

    I have a 350 chevy engine I just rebuilt. Having an issue with no oil coming up push rod. Lifters are not making noise and are pumped up. I noticed it when I took the valve cover off and saw that their was no oil on a rocker arm. I backed off the.

    3/4 turn pre-load is too much. 1/2 turn is okay. 1/4 turn is better. But 3/4 turn pre-load or even 1 turn should not stop oil flow to the rocker. Could be that the oiling hole to the lifter bore is.

  • bueford54

    ajusting pushrods on a 1995 Harley FLSTC?

    I have the crane time saver push rods in my bike does any body have and Idea on adjusting them . They are making noise. any help please.

    You always adjust them on a stone cold engine. Get the front cylinder onto the compression stroke(tappets at their lowest point). Lengthen them til there is no shake(looseness) in the pushrod then go.

  • ahanix1989

    Craftsman lawnmower - stuck valve - missing pushrod?

    We have a Craftsman riding lawnmower with the B&S Intek 24 OHV engine. it started backfiring and losing power. My dad bought replacement gaskets / filters and I took off the valve cover -- the lower rocker is missing it's pushrod and is.

    Your pushrod is not stuck. the valve is in the open position. so there's pressure on the push rod keeping you from spinning it. That's because of the position of the camshaft when you shut it.


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ford washington 1940 chopped custom coupe forty hoquiam channeled pushrods rodandcustommagazine
'40 Ford channeled
Decal in window says "Rod and Custom Cover Car". June 20, 2009 Push Rods Car Club show at the Olympic Stadium in Hoquiam, Washington.
Photo by Hugo90 on Flickr
rod push length datsun 240z pushrod datsun240z pushrodlength
vacuum booster pushrod adjustment
using a 13mm craftsman deep socket to measure out length of the pushrod
Photo by crazyoctopus on Flickr
rod push length datsun 240z pushrod datsun240z pushrodlength
vacuum booster pushrod adjustment
using a 13mm craftsman deep socket to measure out length of the pushrod
Photo by crazyoctopus on Flickr

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