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Yep, it should be called the "Foxworthy Suppressor". Check it out.

  • Tyler&Cheryl

    reusing old oil filter?

    changed my oil and come to find out i got the wrong filter, so i just stuck the old one back on. is this ok to do. will it hurt any thing. 7 liter v6. thanks.

    If you change the oil regularly and it was last changed within a reasonable amount of time or mileage (3-5 months, or around 3000 miles), then you should be OK with the old one on there.

  • crc92

    What engine oil/filter do YOU use?

    It's about time for my first oil change in my car (1998 Chevrolet Malibu, 3. 1 v6 engine). I'm trying to decide what brand oil and oil filters is best, or what you use on your car. I don't want to settle for the cheap "store brand" oil.

    First thing's first: Cheap "store brand" oil is EXACTLY the same as "name brand" oil. The ONLY difference is that by removing the company's name and "sloganeering" (as I like to call it), it costs.

  • Vijay

    Price of engine oil & oil filters for cars in India?

    Please suggest the following:. Price / litre for engine oil for cars in India. Price for any brand is ok although Castrol GTX & Castrol GTD are preferred. Average price for oil filters. If information by car make is available, please provide.

    Oil Filters. Save now up. to 75% on motor parts & accessory. best-price. com/Motor_Parts. Find Oil Filters Now. Auto oil filters for less. Save up to 50% on name brands now.

  • brandontaz2k2

    How to change oil filter?

    I have a 2001 dodge intrepid, 3. 2l motor, and I want to know how to change the oil filter, I know you have to have the right kind of wrench to take off the filter, but do you have to do anything else after taking off the old filter. Besides put a.

    Locate the oil drain plug on the bottom of the engine block. Remove the plug using a wrench and pull it out quickly. Let the oil drain into a drip pan for 10 to 15 minutes. Take off the oil filter.

  • Devious

    how can i check my oil filter on my 94' Camry?

    i went to ez lube to get an oil change but i noticed that my car was running sluggish after i left. the guy checked the fluids in front of me but im still convinced its something they did. is it possible that i can check my oil filter and how.

    The wrong oil filter can cause you problems. It can burn out your oil pump but if you want to be sure , just get a factory filter from a dealer, drain the oil into a clean pan, change the filter.

  • Kenneth M

    oil filter for '07 EX250?

    what model # oil filter do i need. i looked in the manual and nothing. they had the recomended oil type, the capacity, everthing but the filter #. Help. at auto-zone it is not in their computer. the guy said if we had the model # they can order.

    K&N oil filters for that bike are $7. 15 at bikebandit. com but you gotta pay $6 shipping but if you order like 3 or 4 it makes it worth it or anythign else you want to get like chain wax or moly.


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1946 Illustrated Ad, General Motors AC Oil Filters
Vintage 1940s magazine advertisement, General Motors AC Oil Filters, 1946 Tagline: "Saves Your Time and Money!" Ad text: "Because it keeps oil clean, the S-type filter preserves engine power. Pistons...
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New oil filter for the new turbine on No3 T/A Set at Millaquin Sugar Mill.
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