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  • the_snow_snake

    Can I change the front main bearing in a 350 chevy with crank in.?

    I need a temperary fix for a main thump at start up.

    Unfortunately, you have to remove the crankshaft to replace a main bearing I do not believe you can just "spin out" the upper half. Replacing only the bottom half is out of the question.

  • leslie

    Tech A says that if one main bearing journal is ground to the next undersize all of them must be cut to match.?

    Tech B says if the main bearing journal is worn below machining limits, an alternative may be welding up the journal then grinding it back down to original size. Who is correct. Its not for certification know it all, it is a question on an exam.

    In practice, you would grind them all to the next standard undersize so you would only have to buy one set of bearings. If you undersized only one, you'd double your bearing costs having to.

  • luis m

    I need the rod bearings for my subaru justy 89 1.2 3 cyl I can't find them anybody can help where can i find

    Main Bearing Set CEB MS2003P $79. 99. 75mm Undersized Set Contains. 15mm Oversize Length Flanged Bearing Tri-Metal (TM-1). Connecting Rod Bearing. Tri-Metal (TM-1). Connecting.

  • koloki

    How much is the tightening of connecting rod and main bearing of isuzu 4BE1?

    How much is the tightening of connecting rod and main bearing of isuzu 4BE1.

    If you're asking what the torque should be for the mains and rods your Isuzu dealer will tell you. Your local library has Motors, Chilton's and Haynes manuals. Any book store or auto-parts store.

  • calvin843

    Engine Number: 3970024.Could anyone tell me about the GM engine code 3970024 plz?

    it was built between 69 and 72 it is a 307 with a 2 bolt main bearing set up

  • Aaron H

    were is the main seal for 302?

    show me pic of it.

    The front main seal is pressed into the crank opening of the timing cover. The rear main seal is two half moon neoprene over metal seals which set in the rear main bearing cap and the block.


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