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Pair (2) New Front Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly with Lifetime Warranty

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How to Change a Wheel Bearing (short and fast version)

Wheel bearing replacement, How to change a pressed bearing in a Ford, specifically a 95 Ford Windstar, but this method will be similar for all pressed bearin.

  • Tech

    change front wheel bearing on rear wheel drive car?

    change front wheel bearing on rear wheel drive car, 1994 mercury cougar xr7.

    Replacement of Front wheel Bearings on a Rear Wheel Drive vehicle is pretty straightforward. Jack up and support vehicle on Jack Stands. Remove Wheel and Tire Assembly. Drive brake caliper piston.

  • Hunter W

    inner tie rods, wheel bearing?

    i noticed odd tire wear so i took it in. they said it needed inner tie rods, wheel bearing and front allignment for $717. 43 is that a resonable price. also there is not any squeel so is the bearing bad. 2000 silverado 4x4 5. 3.

    To me its a bit too high but it really all depends on the parts used and the price mark up by the shop on them and if you add the labour rates then consider that many go by the shop book rates it's.

  • formula93_350

    Rear wheel bearing and axle C clips on 93 Firebird Trans Am?

    I've got the cover to the diff off. I am a mechanic so I do know what I'm doing, but I haven't really done this before. Looking for a pointers and such. How do you get the C clips out and where is the wheel bearing (rear). How do you get the wheel.

    You don't have to remove all the brake parts. Put rear on jack stands (placed under axle tubes). remove cover. Take wheels of rear. Take brake drums off. put trans in N and.

  • IAN

    wheel bearing torque settings vw polo?

    What is the torque setting for a VW Polo 1 litre rear bearing 1995. Thanks.

    Ian wheel bearing are what is called preset. Pack with lube then tighten snug about 6 ft lbs spin the wheel to seat the bearing back off bearing the tighten to 3 inch lbs. If a bearing is.

  • Deirdre D


    I have a 2000 tddi focus and I have repeatedly had to replace the drivers wheel bearing front (4 times in 2 years) also i have had to replace the other bearings but the drivers side front is the worst. I have never had a collision nor do I drive.

    The Hub (AKA Bearing Carrier) could be damaged. You may also experience this problem if you buy cheap wheel bearings. I suggest purchasing USA made wheel bearings. I looked up your 2000 Ford Focus,.

  • NoEm

    how much would it cost for a new right wheel bearing?

    I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra SE-R,the right bearing is grinding and needs to be replaced. how much does it cost on average to get it replaced with a new one.

    Wheel Bearing Replacement - Front (One) for your 2006 Nissan Sentra near 29419. $252 to $377. Estimate Includes:. Parts (plus tax & fees). Common Misdiagnoses.


  • TechOne

    Cengage Learning. 2004. ISBN: 1401852084,9781401852085. 697 pages.

    Trouble-free operation of modern automotive equipment requires the use of proper maintenance procedures and safety checks on all vehicle systems. This book guides readers through the basic maintenance, diagnosis, and servicing of all automotive systems, from tool and shop safety through the steps necessary to maintain a modern motor vehicle. Thoroughly up-to-date coverage spans the spectrum, examining basic systems such as electrical, lubrication, heating, cooling, exhaust, and transmission systems in depth. This provides readers with the foundation necessary to deal with the more complex maintenance problems of engine control computers, anti-lock braking systems, and emission controls. Supplemental restraints, tires, and drive shafts and axles are also highlighted.

  • Automotive Suspension and Steering Systems

    Cengage Learning. 2014. ISBN: 0766859983,9780766859982. 204 pages.
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