Sprayless Scratch Repair

Sprayless Scratch Repair is a cosmetic repair that provides a permanent solution for scratches, chips and scuffs rendering them virtually undetectable.

How Many Scratches Will You GetThis Summer? - CarJunky.com

How many scratches will you get this summer. Scratches on your car or scratches on your skin. many car enthusiasts will say it's the scratches on the body and windows of their cars that hurt more. Find out hwo to protect your car's exterior finishes from unsightly scratches.

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Yahoo answersscratch remover?

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    I have used Meguiars Scratch-X and works pretty well. I didn't expect it to absolutely get rid of the scratch, but it did make it very faint to the eye easy enough for anyone to overlook.

Yahoo answersScratch Remover???

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    First, get a piece of very smooth cloth. Second, blow back of the game. Last, then you wipe it with the cloth. You can also do this for Cd's and DVDs. Hope it will help.

Yahoo answersWhat is the best scratch remover to use on buffing a car?

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    look on line for a product call gs 27 it was an infomercial thing but it works I bought mine from an auto part store small independent store no big chain but it works on all color cars

Yahoo answersWhat is the best scratch remover to remove scratches on an ipod?

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    get a case. there is no way to remove scratches.

Yahoo answersWhat is a good scratch remover to remove scratches from my driver's license?

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    You came here for good advice, I'm no expert but I can tell you this my friend none of us need a license, or Insurance for that matter. Travel is not a “PRIVILEGE” that can be permitted at will.

Yahoo answersAnyone know of a good plastics scratch remover you can find at home?

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    try using tooth paste.

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  • How Many Scratches Will You GetThis Summer?

    Every car and boat will get scratched, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. 2. The most common way to scratch your car is by doing it yourself with cheap soaps or detergents that don't properly lift dirt. 3. Professional repair could cost anywhere

  • AUTO: Ask Doctor Crankshaft

    Q: Just as I put my Jaguar up for sale, I managed to put a big scratch in the wood steering wheel. Is there any way to repair this to look better without buying a new wheel? I'm willing to try anything. — Jamie in Wilton, Conn. A: If you scratched

  • Alien Skin plugins road-tested

    Dust and Scratch Remover gives you far more control than the Photoshop version. JPEG Repair nicely compensates for those annoying compression artefacts when an image has been over compressed or JPEG-ed to death over many cycles.

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