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How to Replace Transmision Output/axle shaft seal -GM THM-4T65E HD (2000 yr) Buick

How replace a Transmission Out-put axle seal. Removing and installation for the GM 4T65E Automatic Transmission LEFT-SIDE output/axle shaft Seals.


    1996 Saturn SL2 1. 9 DOHC axle seal. Had a bad axle seal replaced seal work great drove like 25miles and started gushing out. took it home and did seal again, the same. so replaced axle and jack shaft made sure no burs on shaft replace seal again.

    That is strange. Only a few things come to mind. Either it's the wrong seal(make sure there are not different seals for that year as sometimes they can be changed even in the middle of a years.

  • Tyler

    how do i fix a drive axle seal on a 2000 saturn SL2?

    about a month ago my car started leaking oil and me and my dad checked it out, and the seal on the drive axle case was broken and was leaking oil. could someone give me a step by step guide on how to fix it.

    If the seal is screwed up on your tranny case where the axle comes out, there is a lot involved to fixing that. More importantly, there are other things that would need to be inspected.

  • Donald S

    drive axle?

    How can I pull a drive axle from the trans. in a 97 Chrysler Concord. There doesn’t seem to be any way of prying it free, like the Haynes Manual says.

    It comes out, find a place to pry it out. Just don't pry on the boot or clamp or seal area.

  • duke

    can i drive with a rear axle seal going out (2001 toyota tacoma v6 4x4)?

    it is already bad but i need to know if it would make anything worse im not concerned about my brake its already fucked. i just have a few things to do tonight and will be fixing it tomorrow or sunday.

    Probably, but it's not a good idea. If a rear axle seal is going bad or totally gone than you are going to be leaking oil out of your differential, plus you open the door for dirt and.

  • Zaneka

    What is an axle seal leak?

    I put my Toyota rav4 in for a new clutch yesterday and this morning the mechanic called saying the axle seal is leaking, what does that mean and how does it effect my driving.

    It means the lubrication inside your axle housing is leaking out because the seal that keeps the lubrication inside has worn out. This lubrication will contaminate the brakes, making them less.

  • 99 dodge ram axle seal leaking.?

    99 dodge ram 1500. 4x4. Front pass side axle seal has been replaced twice and still leaking after a while of drive time after being replaced. Axle was told to be ok same with wheel bearing. It only leaks when I'm done driving it. Drive side.

    The axle vent is clogged. This will cause pressure to build in the rear when it warms up and it only takes two pounds of pressure to push oil past the seal.


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