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5,800 # axle suspension kit. Incl. (2) 2900 lb springs and u-bolt kit ( trailer

Also referred to as 5,200 and 6,000 lb suspension kit

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RK3112 Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ Rear Dana 35 Axle Heavy Duty U-Bolt Kit

Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ Rear Dana 35 Axle Heavy Duty U-Bolt Kit Complete rear Heavy Duty u-bolt kit for your Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ Dana 35 axle.

  • ryan

    how do i install a axle flip kit?

    i own a 94 ford ranger, it has a 2. 4 wit a 5spd, its 2wd, its a base model with a standard cab, short bed, i want to install a axle flip kit, how do i install it, and whats involved, what do i need besides the kit. and can you help me find a cheap.

    the kit comes with new axle perches that need to be welded to the axle. it's real simple but you want to set the pinion angle to point a bit lower if your dropping it. thats about average price,.

  • TheTitan

    how to rebuild 10 bolt chevy axle?

    ok i have an 83 k5 blazer and the axles are going out. i need to know how to rebuild them. can someone give an indepth guide on it. or explainit, maybe show me where to buy the rebuild kit or even where to buy new/ used ones at.

    You say axles. As in front/rear, or the axleshafts themselves, or. The rear is NOT worth repairing. an '83 will most likely have 3. 08 gears (my '83 K5 did) and that is hard on the truck, since it.

  • chipper_1802

    camber kit?

    my car is lowered and i need one. how expensive would it be to get it but on by professional. or how hard is it to install cuz a friend of mine that worked on my car a couple times is mechanically inclined. 96 eclipse.

    The camber kit only consists of two bolts or a wedge depending on what kind of vehicle it is, the parts for any vehicle are about 30 bucks an axle at a parts store. You can install them yourself.

  • man2mal

    What are other axle choices for a 90 jeep YJ.?

    My friend has a 90 YJ and I just want to know what other models and years would make a worthy donor. I would rather swap the complete axle than to mess with the diff. If you could also provide a link to any axle code charts that decode gear.

    Only 1987 thur 1995 YJ axles will bolt up, The question is what your friend wants to do with Jeep, 1. keep is stock as a daily driver, 2. Lift kit over sized rubber, weekend wheeler, or 3. Full.

  • Unknown

    Solid axle Swap on a Z71 Sierra 2000 two door side steps.?

    Currently I have a GMC Sierra Z71 2000, 4. 8L rough country 6" lift, Gibson headers and exhaust. 35 inch tires, bully dog programmer, Spectra cold air intake, hell wig sway bars front and rear. The truck is an IFS which I plan on doing a solid.

    Yup it seems Off road dodges that one. I went looking for frames at the junkyard and other than body mount hole spacing it seems that 99-01 are the same frames. Your kit will not be a bolt on and.

  • Philip D

    how to make my own axle for my pressure washer?

    I have a big pressure washer and would like to make an axle and get wheels on it. There are holes in the frame where a kit comes from the manufacter, but it has been a pain to try and order the kit. So I would like to know what i need to make the.

    You don't need an axle. Just bolt on each wheel using a "shoulder bolt" to the exisiting holes in the frame. Think about how a lawnmower has the wheels bolted on. Keep it simple and don't try to.


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