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How To Remove Pressed-on Bearings - EricTheCarGuy

http://www. ericthecarguy. com/ I know this one does not cover an entire procedure but it just worked out this way.

  • andrew w

    2002 gmc envoy front drive axle bearing?

    i'm working on a gmc chevy envoy (2002) the front drive axle bearing is broken, is this a hard job. i went up under the truck and the inside of the axle moves up and down in the case about 3 inches. is the axle part of the engine crank case.

    what you have is a worn front drive axle intermediate shaft bearing assembly. It's on right inner of the axle, the 4x4 actuator is bolted to it. the bearing assembly is bolted to the oil pan with 4.

  • mikekurant

    99 jeep cheeokee bearing hub/ axle shaft?

    Ok so my u-joints went bad so I decided to change both passenger and driver side on the front axle. Everything went ok they are changed out. My only concern is that on the back of the yoke or the u part that holds the universal is metal plate.

    The disk is a dust shield. It is there to keep dirt/mud out of the axle tube. There is an axle seal inside the tube to keep the oil in.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Dziwulski

    how much money is to replace a Axle shaft bearing and seal ? give me a close estimated?

    On a 2000 Dodge Durango 5. 9 4wd with 116k,miles. How many hours does it take to do this job.

    seal $10+-, bearing $30+-. me at home, no lift, and since the diff cover has to come off, i'd want to do a full inspection there. i'd count on four hours+. if everything else is good. depends on.

  • Emmett

    Front axle shaft repair estimates?

    I'm looking at a lifted truck its a 88' Chevy truck and all it needs is a front axle shaft repaired or replaced any ideas on how much that would cost. I would like to get this truck but I don't want to have something I'm going to have to put a lot.

    As long as it's the axle and nothing else it won't be too bad, however if the differential is damaged It could go way up, (the reason the truck is up for sale) Here is what has to happen if it's.

  • Sonny

    changing the axel bearing on ford f150?

    How do I replace the rear axal bearing on a ford f150 03.

    axle shaft may slide ride out of housing. or there could be a c-clip holding it in the differential. a slide hammer that will catch the bearing is the best way I know to pull one.

  • silverwolfgrl


    Hub bearing is usually located in the front brake rotor. Axle shaft bearing is located in the rear axle of a rear wheel drive vehicle.


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Hub and Axle shaft removed
For future reference when removing stuck hub: this worked great
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Exploded ball cage of the axle output shaft bearing
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