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How To Remove a C-Clip Axle Shaft

In this video I'll show you how to remove a c-clip style axle shaft.

  • claire

    what are the uses of an axle?

    *An axle is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear. In some cases the axle may be fixed in position with a bearing or bushing sitting inside the hole in the wheel or gear to allow the wheel.

  • Layce

    Front Left Axle Shaft Badly Torn - Question?

    I took my 1989 Chrysler Lebaron to get the front breaks and rotors replaced and asked my mechanic to check if they see any other obvious problems with my car. He called and told me my front left axle shaft was badly torn. I'm just curious, what.

    The axle boot protects the CONSTANT VELOCITY JOINT from breaking and spinning out it's lubricant. A torn boot will EVENTUALLY cause your CV joint to break down and lose it's bearings.

  • Emmett

    Front axle shaft repair estimates?

    I'm looking at a lifted truck its a 88' Chevy truck and all it needs is a front axle shaft repaired or replaced any ideas on how much that would cost. I would like to get this truck but I don't want to have something I'm going to have to put a lot.

    As long as it's the axle and nothing else it won't be too bad, however if the differential is damaged It could go way up, (the reason the truck is up for sale ) Here is what has to happen if it's.

  • annabelwilliam

    1996 subaru outback leaky axle shaft seal?

    i wanted to no if this was an easy fix or if i would need to take it to the shop.

    It's best to replace the axle. Dirt can get into the axle and damage it and furthermore it's been running without grease. Your taking everything apart so why not put a new axle in there.

  • Johnny Outlaw

    ::::Broken Axle Shaft::::?

    I broke my rear passenger Axle shaft on my 1996 Chevy Camaro from sliding into a curb sideways and up into the grass. The entire wheel broke off leaving the lugs attached to the tire and half of the drum is still attached to the car and the other.

    you could still have a bent axle, but the trans sits far forward of that point, so i dont think that you would have a problem there. if you snapped all of the studs out of the axle i would have.

  • bengalipridex3

    can somebody explain to me fully about what a wheel and axle is?

    with the info about where is the input force and output force. i seem to dont understand my stupid textbook.

    An axle is a shaft which is used to transmit force to the wheels. It runs from a device which provides force in the form of rotation (could be direct from the engine, could be from an electric.


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Porsche 917 Kurtz spare tire, transmission, exhaust, rear suspension, right rear tire, luggage bin
Porsche 917 Kurtz #23, Martini-sponsored, silver overall. Under the engine cover, showing spare tire, transmission, exhaust, transmission cooling duct, right axle shaft, rear suspension, brake caliper, right rear...
Photo by wbaiv on Flickr
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Photo by wbaiv on Flickr
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Hub and Axle shaft removed
For future reference when removing stuck hub: this worked great
Photo by seeteah on Flickr

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