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Rear Axle Assembly

This is for a 1:4 scale wheel loader I've been working on. Front axle is basically same design with different mounting.

  • Rear axle assembly remove reinstall for honda trx300ex atv.?

    It's usually polite to go back to your question and click the Edit button, so you can provide additional information as requested by the nice folks listed above me. There are often differences.

  • biglew1202

    what is an axle assembly failure?

    what is a axle assembly failure\.

    It's a failure of any component in the axle assembly. Must be front wheel drive,rear wheel drive axle assembly failures happen about as often as a Hooter's waitress giving me sex and free wings on.

  • 1980 Honda Accord CV joint/axle assembly?

    My 1980 Honda Accord CV joint is making alot of loud clicking noises. So i have a few few questains. How much would a new on cost. I have been reading about it and it says i should just buy a new CV axle. Where can i buy one.

    buy a new axle yes. cv joint is same thing axle. 200 bucks or about to buy part. can get at most parts stores. as for how much a shop might charge should cal three local shop ask.

  • Alex G

    how to remove axle assembly on 1999 isuzu trooper?

    i need to replace axle assembly on 1999 isuzu trooper.

    rear axles undo. the 4 big bolts in back of brake assy. get a slide hammer, install on the lug nuts. and hammer away. good luck getting the bearing out, to replace the seal.

  • kc

    Replace a CV Joint Axle Assembly - How much?

    I have a 1997 Nissan Altima. I know the CV Joint or complete axle assembly needs to be replaced. Can anyone out there gove me a ballpark figure of how much this should cost. I was quoted over $500, but by reading up on it, it doesnt seem that it.

    Well for one, if you take it to a dealer, they are going to charge you more, but its going to be done right. If its just the CV, its probably about $75 for the part and a couple hours of labor.

  • Maria

    is it hard to replace drive axle assembly?

    My 2000 Dodge Durango's CV joint is completey broken. I don't want to pay a mechanic one million seven dollars to get it fix. I would rather do it my self. Is there a website where some help. So you think a auto parts store will let me rent the.

    not much is needed take off the wheel then take off the axle nut and then the lower ball joint nut the spindle needs to come off of the lower ball joint you may have to smack the control arm right.


  • Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual

  • Unit, direct support, and general support maintenance manual

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Scania rear axle assembly
Scania rear axle assembly.
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Scania front axle assembly
Scania front axle assembly.
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