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How to Change a Coolant Temperature Sensor

How to change the Coolant temperature sensor and the sender switch sensor on 5S-FE series of engine made by Toyota.

  • cg g

    I changed water pump,thermostat,temp sensor?

    , and now it runs hot only when heat wont blow hot. What do I do now. My 1999 Chevy Malibu runs hot. It started when it overheated. We changed the thermostat, then water pump, then temp sensor gauge and the temp gauge goes high but only.

    Whats the year/make and model. Its really hard to say for sure. It sounds like there is either 2 issues going on, or the way you are descibing it is confusing. if its going from hot to cold, you.

  • jose

    Water temperature sensor ?

    Were is the water temperature sensor located on my 75 camero v8.

    your temp sensor is located in the intake manifold, it will be brtass in color and have a 1,2,or 3 wire lead, being as how it's a 75, you should only have a 1 or 2 wire lead for that sensor also.

  • Mitchell C

    Probe oil and water temp sensors?

    I'm putting oil and water temp gauges in my 94 Probe GT. does anyone have any idea where the sensors are on the motor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just want to know how hard it is gonna be go get to the sensors to be able to get the.

    Gauges should come with sensors, Temp sender unit on engine by thermostat, don't confuse with temp sensor that goes to ECM, Oil gauge if electric can remove oil pressure sender switch by oil.

  • bob

    Installing water temp sensor?

    They say if you take the stock sensor out it messes with the computer telling it not to turn the electric fan or something like that. I also know if I use a splitter to put both in at once it will give me a lower reading because the sensor is not.

    Why are you pulling the sensor, another manual gauge or something. There are other "ports available on most engines," Leave the original placement alone to avoid a warranty claim or more costly.

  • Temp sensor measuring water temp through 1mm plastic what is temp difference?

    I was wondering if any one can help me, I have a temperature sensor measuring the temperature of a container of water which is being heated. As the temperature sensor cant get wet it is situated in a grove underneath the container.

    I assume that you LM35Z is in a TO-92 package. You can water proof the device by potting the leads in epoxy. This is also recommended in the data sheet as a method to minimize a heat short caused.

  • Lindsey

    temp senser on 2000 lincoln town car?

    i need to know where a temperature sensor is in a 2000 lincoln town car.

    The water temp. sensor on the 4. 6 liter engine is located on the top at the front of the intake manifold on the passenger side. You'll need to remove the plastic engine cover to access it. . The.


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