How To Change Brake Shoes

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 43 years, shows how to change brake shoes on your own car. com for answers to all your car questions.

Yahoo answersHow to set brake shoe adjuster for drum brakes?

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    When you do brakes and all the parts are on it is most likely that your also to adjust the rear brakes up to where you have a slight drag on the shoes. But the way to do this is to adjust them up.

Yahoo answersAt what tension should the rear brake shoes be set at after re-installing the drum?

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    Adjust the shoes until they are just making contact with the drum as you spin it. It helps to leave the tire on while you do this. Once you've set the shoes to lightly contact the drum, the self.

Yahoo answersDo these prices for brake repairs sound inflated, or is it just me?

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    Sounds pretty right to me. Remember mechanic's labour is charged at around $60 an hour.

Yahoo answersWhat are the difference between brake pads and brake shoe sets are they the same thing or do you need both....?

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    There are many reasons that wheels make noises. Some don't matter, some do. An inspection by a trained mechanic will sort out any problems. He should be able to suggest a cure for most noises.

Yahoo answersAm I being overcharged for brake work?

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    I've been working as mechanic my whole life. that's is a really low price. considering they has remove some rusted metal ( that You call rear cylinders) with oxyacetylene torch. oxyacetylene gas is.

Yahoo answersBrake Job cost? How much SHOULD this cost?

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    that actually seems kind of cheap for all that work. i would love to see the old parts. without the master cylinder and brake hoses it should easily be 700 bucks. without knowing the pre-repair.

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