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Radiator Hose Replacement (Upper and Lower)

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  • S

    Why my radiator hoses swell so often?

    Kia Optima 2004, 166k. First owner. It has been almost 8 months I changed upper and lower radiator hoses, before that I changed about 6 months ago, now they swollen again. Blown headgasket. No white smoke, no power loss, no overheating.

    Your water pump was installed backwards. Just kidding. More than likely you have a leak that is introducing enough air into your cooling system to swell your hoses. Since you don't have any coolant.

  • Cindy

    Ford Aerostar '97-radiator hoses?

    is it possible to replace these hoses by yourself using a chilton's manual, without having to either pull the engine much less end up putting it in the shop. my husband isn't sure he can get to the parts since the engine is so compact.

    The radiator hoses should not be hard to replace on the Aerostar. If you are going to replace the heater hoses that is a little more difficult. The heater hoses are attached to the heater core.

  • Melissa Heiland and Kenneth

    a upper radiator hose that is flat means ?

    a bad thing such as a head gasket issues. 2000 Jeep grand cherokee 4. 0 146,012.

    Bad radiator cap or blocked hose to the reservoir. The radiator cap has two seals - one on the pressure side that releases when the pressure drops as the engine cools down and one on the edge to.

  • Johnny

    How do lower radiator hoses work?

    Lower radiator hose connects the bottom of the radiator to the water pump. Upper radiator hose returns coolant from the intake/thermostat area to the top of the radiator. Gravity and the water pump.

  • Kayla

    What would cause my radiator hose to suck closed when i accelerate?

    i have a 3. 8L 1998 mustang. when i accelerate my radiator hose is sucking completly closed. what could cause this. its my top hose.

    The upper radiator hose is where the hot coolant from the engine travels to get to the radiator. The lower radiator hose is where the coolant exits from the radiator after the radiator cools it.

  • Asker

    Car upper radiator hose seems under extreme pressure?

    My upper radiator hose is very hard. Seems that it is under extreme pressure and about to explode. The car also has an engine oil leak from the head gasket. What could be the cause of this upper radiator hose under extreme pressure. The coolant.

    The radiator pressure cap increases the boiling point of pure water 3 degrees per each pound of rating on the cap. If you have a 15 pound radiator cap pure water will boil @ 257 degrees.


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jeep engine system housing grille amc winch radiator hoses thermostat cooling 304 teardown warn alteranator
1973 Jeep CJ 5 Grille With Radiator Removed
The Warn Winch ID Plate Is Clearly Visible.
Photo by vtengr4047 on Flickr
jeep engine system housing grille amc winch radiator hoses thermostat cooling 304 teardown warn alteranator
1973 Jeep CJ5's Radiator Removed
Radiator Removed For Replacement While Reworking The Cooling System.
Photo by vtengr4047 on Flickr
jeep engine system housing grille amc winch radiator hoses thermostat cooling 304 teardown warn alteranator
1973 Jeep CJ5 And Warn Winch With Radiator Removed
Showing More Of The Warn Winch And Cable Drum.
Photo by vtengr4047 on Flickr

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