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Radiator Fan / Relay / Cooling Fan Switch Not Working: Honda Civic

this video shows methods of troubleshooting a radiator fan on a HONDA CIVIC 93'. I apologize for it may be hard to understand some of my words.

  • Jose

    03vw jetta 1.8t radiator fan problems?

    Okay my air has been blowing mildly hot air even when i twist it to 100% COLD . And my left radiator fan stopped working. Somes one has told me that there is a fuse/relay involved. DO YOU KNOW WHATS WRONG. Extra points if youre advice fixed my car.

    The radiator fans are wired in parallel, so if one fan is on and running, BOTH fans should be running. Both fans are a 2 speed design. Turn the ingition key on, without starting the engine.

  • locrall

    radiator fans will not work?

    The radiator fan system is rather simple. There are only a few things that can go wrong. Start with the basics. Unplug the fan motor and check for power to the fan. If there is no power, you will.

  • Mike M

    Radiator fan?

    1996 Dodge Grand Caravan 3. 8L 6 cyl. The engine gets really hot when driving. Within 5 minutes, it's so hot that even spark plug wires burn to the touch. Temperature gauge reads fine. The radiator fan also does not run, so far I've only tested.

    I am slightly confused. The engine is so hot, you can barely touch it, yet the temp gauge is reading within an acceptable range. Then I suspect it is not over heating. You must remember, this is a.

  • forbiddenunderworld@rocketmail.c

    Wiring a switch for radiator fan?

    I bought a switch and some wiring to fix my radiator fan so i can turn it on all the time. I have it hooked up now i used 30 gauge wiring and an in-line fuse ( also 30 ) on the wire going to the battery. the thing is the fuse blows when i turn on.

    Original method is better but if you are set on using that type of switch the proper way to wire that type of switch would be the + wire from the fuse / battery to the middle terminal.

  • Lita

    what is a radiator fan control module?

    im doing an assignment on schematics and circuits so i have to describe things in a circuit in a car.

    The radiator fan control module turns the radiator fan on and off depending on the head load on the engine. Essentially, a fan that is always on uses power needlessly, and cools the coolant too.

  • Simon K

    Honda Civic Type R radiator fan problem...?

    iv got a 03 CTR coming to 30k miles, drives superb, vtec is like Gangsta. any ways, i did notice when i was buying it (June, but never questioned it) that the rad fan always started when the ignition is on position II and whilst driving.

    without looking at the car it would be impossible to say if this was an "owner mod" to keep the fan running all the time to 'fix' another problem (such as overheating from the fan not coming on) or.


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