BMW Brakepad Sensor replace change for E46 X5 E53 E81 E82 E87 E90 E91 E92 E92 E39 M3

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Yahoo answersHow can I make the brake pad sensor light go out for my 1999 mercury cougar?

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    check the wiring from the sensor upwards. Alot of times when peeps change the brakes, they pull the wire holder off and then dont out it back on and it rubs on the tire or even rotor edge or face.

Yahoo answersHow can I make my brake pad sensor light go out for my '03 BMW?

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    Have him check the rear brakes as well. I'm not sure about the 2003 3 series, but the last generation 5 series had two sensors for brake wear - one on front and one on back. The back brakes could.

Yahoo answersHow many brake pad sensor do a 2003 bmw 325i have?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    There are 4 sensors, they can be replaced individually as needed. (There is one sensor for each wheel position. ) The pricing you mention for the sensors sounds fair, but the $170 seems high for.

Yahoo answersHow do I reset the Brake pad sensor light on a BMW 528i?

  • BMW

    The light should have gone off by now. Did you replace both sensors. (Front and rear). Check your work.

Yahoo answersis there any way to bypass brake pad sensor on a vw?

  • Volkswagen

    yes, you can connect the 2 wire ends together. You can also shut it off using a VAG-COM to recode the instrument cluster. Don't forget to check the pad thickness through the caliper peep-hole.

Yahoo answersI have a 2001 BMW 330i and i need to replace my brake pad sensor. How much sensors do i need to buy?

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    There is only one for the front and one for rear. So most likely you'll only need to replace one.

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