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Understanding Your Radiator Cap

A radiator cap can cause.

  • john l

    how does a radiator cap work?

    I have a 13 psi radiator cap on my toyota truck. Does that mean when/if the pressure PSI in the radiator gets over 13 psi that the cap will allow the "coolant mixture" to overflow into the coolant reservoir. If so, that means(if the rad cap is.

    The radiator cap acts as more than just a "lid" for your radiator. it keeps your engine cool by sealing and pressurizing the coolant inside it. What makes the radiator cap special is that it is.

  • jahbar m

    radiator cap?

    what are the signs of a bad radiator cap. coolant keep flowing into the overflow tank and i think i see some bubbles. so chances are it could be headgasket prob. but i wanna try the simple thing first. so what are all the sign of a bad.

    a bad radiator cap would leak all the time - but they can also indicate other heating problems. for example - they should fail at a certain temperature or pressure - if it is leaking and you.

  • bsktballbrzl

    Steam coming from radiator cap?

    I have a 1990 Honda Accord. My radiator was leaking coolant so I replaced that today and actually replaced the radiator cap about a week and a half ago. However there is still steam coming from my radiator cap. I replaced the thermostat about 6.

    If the radiator cap is aftermarket, replace it with a genuine Honda cap. Aftermarket radiator caps are really shoddy. This is my top suspect. If the steam still comes from the cap when a Honda cap.

  • nick

    what is so important about the radiator cap?

    I always hear people saying that they replaced there radiator cap because their car was over heating. But, if it's not leaking why would anyone want to replace. Also how does the head gasket have anything to do with cooling the engine.

    The radiator cap serves two purposes. It keeps the fluid in the radiator and it regulates the amount of pressure that can build in the cooling system. The coolant expands when heated and creates.

  • Anteneh T

    how does a radiator cap work?

    The radiator cap actually increases the boiling point of your coolant by about 45 F (25 C). How does this simple cap do this. The same way a pressure cooker increases the boiling temperature of.

  • jahbar m

    radiator cap?

    what are the signs of a bad radiator cap. coolant keep flowing into the overflow tank and i think i see some bubbles. so chances are it could be headgasket prob. but i wanna try the simple thing first. so what are all the sign of a bad.

    The cap is pressure controlled, so if you are losing "alot" of water at normal running temperature - it is a cheap fix ($20 bucks). Interesting. There is water suspended in the block that is.


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