Removing Brake Rotor Screws That Won't Come Out

I think the title covers this one. Honda's are famous for this so I made this little video to help you should you be in this situation.

Yahoo answersis the brake disc on the kawasaki vulcan 900 supposed to have grooves?

  • Motorcycles

    It is normal wear from normal use. When new, they are perfectly flat. That's why when replacing brake pads, it should be noted that you will not have 100% braking efficiency you did prior, because.

Yahoo answerswhy is there yellow spots stain in the brake disc in my new car?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    could just be rust spots, drive around the block, brake a couple of times and then check to see if they are going. If they are don't worry about them.

Yahoo answersWhat price for brake disc and pads is reasonable?

  • Toyota

    Yes very reasonable.

Yahoo answersDoes anyone know how to remove a brake disc on a bmx bike?

  • Cycling

    If you hub has IS (International Standard) disc mounting, just unscrew the six bolts and remove the disc. If it is with Center Lock mounting,remove the lockring and then remove the disc.

Yahoo answersWhat is a fair price to pay for rear brake disc replacement on a 2003 bmw 325i?

  • BMW

    Are you saying that the rotors need replaced, or just the pads. You don't have to go to the dealer for simple services like brakes and oil changes. On my car, the oil service is more than just an.

Yahoo answersPaint on my brake disc. Is that bad, or will it just come off when braking?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    just take some brake cleaner and a rag and it will come off. you don,t need to change the rotor just for that.

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