How to replace Mustang ABS control module WITHOUT removing lines

How to swap the ABS control module (computer) on a 99-04 Mustang GT w/ traction control WITHOUT removing the hydraulic module or disconnecting the brake lines. My Mustang was giving me intermittent ABS lights and an IDS scanner was unable to communicate with the ABS computer at all.

Yahoo answersABS control unit leak with bad power supply?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Most likely the alternator prob is caused by a faulty voltage regulator which is usually internal to the alternator. however that would not affect your ABS control module.

Yahoo answersAcura tl 3.2 1999 abs control unit replacemant?

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    try to visit on this site http://www. com/ it's help you

Yahoo answersmy abs hydraulic control unit won't stop running on my 1998 dodge durango?

  • Dodge

    you got an electrical problem with it because i have disconnected those before and it didn't affect the speedometer on it,you got more going on with it than you know about,have it scanned and find.

Yahoo answersABS Control Unit on 2003 Nissan Pathfinder ?

  • Nissan

    Find the Master cylinder (where you add the brake fluid) and follow the lines coming out of it. They will enter another unit with lines coming out of it. This is the ABS controller.

Yahoo answerswhat does the abs control unit on a honda civic do?

  • Honda

    its so your brakes wont lock up and mess up the tires and calipers when you brake very hard

Yahoo answersDoes any body knows what is the part number of "ABS control unit" for a 1991 Mitsubishi Galant FWD,4G63,E33 ?

  • Mitsubishi

    I can probably get it for you using their CAPS program. Alternatively so would any mitsu dealership parts department. In either case you would need to provide the vehicle VIN number.

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