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General Motors RWD Clutch Fork and Release Bearing Installation

This video deals with a 50 year old problem that has plagued the entire clutch industry - the correct installation of the GM RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) clutch re.

  • sizmical07

    Why is a clutch release bearing called a throw out bearing?

    I need to know the background of it but anything will help.

    Description: The throw-out bearing, or clutch release bearing as it's sometimes called, is located between the clutch fork and the pressure plate fingers. The throw-out bearing only operates when.

  • fonzy

    no release bearing???

    hey i just bought a clutch set for my volk and it came with a weird release bearing it is plastic and in the center of one side thee is a hole. when i took the old lutch unit of it didnt have one so do i need to put it in this time. if so does.

    Because that bearing goes in the tail shaft housing and is immersed in the gear lube. When you pull the tranny there is a rod in the mainshaft that actuates the clutch diaphram when the lever at.

  • db

    is a slave cylinder also known as a release bearing?

    nope, they do share the work load to do the same job but they are not the same thing. the throw out bearing is what rides on the input shaft and is held in place by the clutch fork. the other end.

  • mk3 jack

    is this my release bearing?

    ok i just did a swap on my honda civic and it was working fine for a day then i started to hearing a noise from the transmission when i depressed the clutch. When i press the clutch it goes away is that my release bearing. i didnt put a new one.

    Most definetly the throw out bearing. You should always replace it when doing a cluch job. Kind'a like 10 dollar insurance that it won't scream when you let the clutch out. With the clutch it, it's.

  • hunks55

    trow out bearing?

    to change trow out bearing what needs to be done. can someone tell me step by step on how to change it. my car is honda civic 1994 manual transmission.

    The clutch release bearing requires removal of the transmission to service. step 1: Remove the transmission. step 2: Separate the release bearing from the clutch fork. step 3: Place new bearing.

  • peepoo :D

    if a clutch release bearing (also called throw out bearing) failed what happenes?

    if it failed and started making a grinding noise when trying to engage the clutch. do any other parts get damaged because of it.

    the vehicle will not move in any gear, if feels like you can put it in any gear, but nothing happens. you may hear a grinding, but it does not damage anything beyond what already happened.


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