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ARP Pressure plate & Flywheel bolt combo 108-2202 208-2802 Honda Civic B Series


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Mustang Ford Racing Pressure Plate Bolt And Dowel Kit 1986-2001

cjponyparts. com/pressure-plate-bolt-and-dowel-kit-10-5-clutch-1986-2001/p/M6397A302/ This kit is to attach the clutch to the flywheel, dowels go i.

  • gina m

    torques specks for clutch pressure plates?

    i need to know where i can find a phone number.

    Most clutch pressure plates are 15- 30 ft-lbs of torque depending on the vehicle. About the same as a spark plug or twice that. tighten the bolts across from each other like you would a tire.

  • J N

    What are the reasons to buy a stiffer pressure plate?

    What will it change and what is level of clamping force change.

    Your stock pressure plate is rated for the range of torque that your engine produces from the factory (plus a factor of safety). It normally also accounts for towing (depending on what kind of.

  • mohn

    anyone ever heard of pressure plate bolts deciding to finally back out after 10k miles? loctite and torqued.?

    installed a new clutch last year. just sold my car and the guy is saying he needs a new clutch because the pressure plate bolts backed out. sold it private party. I put the clutch in last year and it was my DD ever since. loc tited and torqued.

    No, never heard of all the bolts backing out at once. I have seen one or two come loose, and I've seen the bolts sheared on high performance applications. It should not need a new clutch just.

  • friend robert

    Will an old style (55-86) Chevy pressure plate bolt to a one piece (98) Chevy flywheel?

    I think the bolt styles are different - metric with a stepped head vs SAE - (you may want to check that. I can't be sure). I don't know about the bolt dimensions - why wouldn't you want to go with.

  • does the clutch pressure plate rotates with the clutch disc?

  • Leonor

    What is the hole size to remove clutch on bobcat 2200?

    Pressure plates and clutch discs are bolted to the fly-wheel. I don't follow your question about hole-sizes unless its the splined stub - shaft from the transmission to the pilot bearing that.


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Pressure plate bolted in
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