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How a Clutch Disc Works With Flywheel & Pressure Plate

The clutch disc is a piece that works along with the flywheel and pressure plate to drive a.

  • BREN

    how to replace clutch and pressure plate?

    Okay, I'm very handy and good with guides. How tuff would it be to attempt the replacement of a pressure plate and clutch on my 97 honda civic manual. Also what would it cost if I went through a shop.

    First off it would be best if you had a repair manual with pictures or if you search long enough you can find detailed instruction with pics online. If not this will get you by provided you have.

  • sagara

    Do pressure plates require adjusting?

    I'm using a bessa R3M. i recently inevertently touched the pressure plate with my finger. There was a really obvious finger print. With a microfiber cloth and a lenspen I cleaned it. . Do i need to make sure that it is pressing the film down.

    Not a problem. A bunch of cameras have pressure plates that rattle around when the back is open. The pressure plate can't really be damaged by touching it. It just keeps the film pressed flat.

  • Jax

    How serious is an unbalanced pressure plate?

    I'm thinking about buying a specific 5 speed manual car, but it has an unbalanced pressure plate the owner said. He also said it causes the tranny to rattle slightly when it is idling or in low gear, and he said he would have fixed it, but it only.

    If the pressure plate is out of balance you might as well replace the whole clutch assembly because that out of balance probably caused the clutch disc to have uneven wear which in the long run.

  • hhhh

    how do i align the pressure plate to the flywheel?

    i have my flywheel lined up with the crankshaft but i don't have any marks on the pressure plate to line up with the flywheel. the manual says it needs to be on a certain way. car is 87 tercel.

    I'm guessing that you have the flywheel bolted to the crankshaft and the five or six bolts torqued securely. If so, then on the flywheel surface should be two pins on opposite sides toward the.

  • Outlavv

    Is my clutch gone or pressure plate?

    I came home to hear my brother killed the car. I went to drive it down the street to figure out what was wrong. The car was getting into gear but at very high rpms (3000-5000). As i was heading slightly uphill down the street, I shifted into 5th.

    From your description, the clutch is toast. Smells like overheated semi tractor trailer brakes or maybe rubber to you, but it's toast nonetheless. Unfortunately, you have to replace the pressure.

  • cudesun69

    need help installing clutch and pressure plate in a 69 chevy 4x4?

    i have tried to put in in twice now need help. i took out the old cltuch pressure plate and throw out berring. i put all new stuff in and it dosent work tried to drive it the trans wont go in gear it just grinds the clutch wont in gage what can i.

    what do you need help with. if you are having trouble getting the whole thing mounted to the flywheel make you a couple of guide bolts about 3 inches long for the flywheel. find the same size.


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van gearbox pressureplate brochanics
New pressure plate
Nice shiny new pressure plate (with clutch alignment tool still attached) and linkages to the right of it.
Photo by nzhamstar on Flickr
toyota van gearbox hiace pressureplate brochanics
Old pressure plate
The old pressure plate with the clutch plate and flywheel behind it. Kinda pretty in a metal kind of way.
Photo by nzhamstar on Flickr
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Pressure plate
Luk brand.
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