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Clutch Pilot Bearing Removal

Pilot Bearing Removal isn't too hard to do even with the wrong tools.

  • Lou



    the pilot bearing sits inside the back of the crank you will have to remove your pressure plate and disk possibly your flywheel to remove it. Most people prefer to use grease by packing it in to.

  • John

    How does a pilot bearing work on a manual transmission?

    I got told from a shop my pilot bearing is making all the noise in my transmission. I own a 96' Mustang GT and when its in neutral it makes a chatter until I push in the clutch. It will also make this sound up to 2500 rpms with the clutch out.

    The pilot bearing is pressed into the flywheel and allows the input shaft of the trans to ride on. What they probably mean or I would hope they said was a throwout bearing. It is what pushes.

  • VividFalcon

    1988 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, missing pilot bearing?

    I've got a 1988 jeep Cherokee laredo 5 speed manual, went to replace the pilot bearing but it feels like it is ground down so much I can only barely feel the lip of it. Reaching in and feeling the inside lip of it, it's sharp and chipped and rough.

    If your pilot bearing is that gone why don't you check your pressure plate and clutch disc while your at it. It would be easier to take the trans down completely along with the press.

  • Man

    What does the pilot bearing do down by the clutch?

    The clutch pilot bearing provides a rotating link between the engine crankshaft and the transmission input shaft. When the clutch is not fully applied, the engine crankshaft speed and the.

  • Michaelllllll

    installing pilot bearing?

    im installing a pilot bearing into my new clutch on a V8 305 5. 0L engine. i was told by mechanics not to get grease or anything anywhere and be VERY clean. but now im reading my book for my specific car and it says to put oil on the outside of the.

    The reason the mechanics are telling you this is because some people simply get carried away with the grease and it ends up splattering all over the clutch disk and pressure plate - and the last.

  • *♥♫Hedy♫♥*

    How do you remove a broken pilot bearing?

    My husband has tried renting 2 different bearing knock outs. That sucker is stuck. He tried a hacksaw to cut it off. Please help. This truck is costing me a fortune. I would like a cheap fix please.

    The grease trick is fine if the bearing is still intact. You say your husband tried renting 2 different knock outs, Did you mean he tried 2 different rented knock outs. At any rate there is a.


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