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Replacing a ring gear

On a manual transmission flywheel, if the teeth are bad, you don't have to replace the whole flywheel.

  • Scott

    What's a flywheel ring gear?

    1991 Infiniti M30 Convertible. Automatic Transmission. It won't start unless you push on the gas pedal while turning the key. Was told it needs a new flywheel ring gear. What is that and what does it do.

    I can't imagine that pushing on the gas pedal would affect the flywheel. I see two WAGs- 1) Your fuel isn't adjusted well, so it won't start unless you hold the gas pedal down. 2) The flywheel gear.

  • Lily

    Flywheel with ring gear shipped loose? what's shipped loose meaning in this sentence? Thank you.?

    The flywheel is just a disc when it is made. The ring gear is heat fitted to the edge of it by heating the ring gear (but not the flywheel). The flywheel is then dropped into the center of the.

  • Mickey

    Where can I get a flywheel ring gear installed and how much will it cost?

    I have a 1976 Ford F100 4x4 4 speed manual and the flywheel ring gear needs replaced. I don't want to replace the whole flywheel. Where can I get this done and how much will it cost. Can the Napa machine shop do this.

    do it yourself. rip out the flywheel, take out the old ring gear, order the new ring, bolt it on and torque it to spec

  • Wheelhouse

    What to these car words mean?

    I've recentley been learning about cars, and i learned about the engine but i'm getting stuck on these words when i try to learn about the transmission etc. For each of these car items, PLEASE say where they are (in relation to other items), what.

    Flywheel, bolts to the crank shaft, connects the engine and trans, also has a ring gear for the starter to engage. Torque converter, bolts to trans side of flywheel , basically works like a.

  • Roaster

    I want to take the ring gear off my flywheel because it has some teeth missing?

    How do you take it off. do you need a press to remove it and put the new one on. 1983 ford 300 4 speed.

    You heat the teeth around the flywheel with a torch until they are glowing red. Then you drive them off with a punch, working your way around. You can reinstall the same ring gear, just flip it.

  • Lance John

    what is a starter ring gear (in a starter motor)?

    where is it located exactly. what does it do.

    The ring gear is on the flex plate or flywheel depending on the type of transmission you have, and hate to say it but the transmission has to come out to replace it, Bummer.


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