How I remove & install the Hatch Struts for my Toyota Celica (2000 GT)

The Hatch Struts are well known as failing in a couple years. And I found this matched pair online and paid $82 out the door. The way these struts designed are very difficult to remove. The two bolts at the bottom of the trunk shock are no problem.

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Yahoo answersCan anyone confirm the part number for a trunk strut?

  • Saab

    model and year please. I can give you the SAAB price too.

Yahoo answerswhere can i get a trunk shock/strut for my celica gt 2001?

  • Toyota

    Try a dealer or parts store or even salvage yards maybe.

Yahoo answersOn a Cadillac CTS (2003) How do you change the trunk Strut?

  • GMC

    Just "pops" on and off.

Yahoo answersHow do i replace the trunk strut on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    there is a little metal c clip that holds it into place, remove this with a pocket scre driver and just pull off, should only take you about 30sec. wish a had pic to so you good luck.

Yahoo answersIs Lexus LS 430 Trunk Strut Problem Very Common?

  • Lexus

    This is a very common problem. The struts are not defective, they simply wear with age as the gas slowly deteriorates from within. They are not very expensive to replace. There is a similar.

Yahoo answersCan you repair a trunk strut/lift support?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    You know what ghetto thing one can do, . use a vise grip and clamp on against the strut's shaft to hold it up. . If he does not have a vise grip then try a like 4 binder clips(2 on each strut) to.

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