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May 5, 03:52 PDT

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Clutch Basics - How A Clutch Works

Anthony @ DIYautotech just doing a basic video on how clutches operate & function in the common manual vehicle you see today.

  • sizmical07

    Why is a clutch release bearing called a throw out bearing?

    I need to know the background of it but anything will help.

    Description: The throw-out bearing, or clutch release bearing as it's sometimes called, is located between the clutch fork and the pressure plate fingers. The throw-out bearing only operates when.

  • 2hard4me

    1988 Honda Accord, clutch slipping occasionally, can i just replace the clutch disk and release bearing?

    gasket kit is 100 dollars. trying to do this on a budget, a junkyard replacement might be better. manual clutch, with cable, no power or hydraulic assist.

    usually its just the clutch plate, release bearing, clutch cable and the Spigot Bearing. but you may get away without the clutch cable, usually they replace them because some times they have.

  • hunks55

    trow out bearing?

    to change trow out bearing what needs to be done. can someone tell me step by step on how to change it. my car is honda civic 1994 manual transmission.

    The clutch release bearing requires removal of the transmission to service. step 1: Remove the transmission. step 2: Separate the release bearing from the clutch fork. step 3: Place new bearing.

  • peepoo :D

    if a clutch release bearing (also called throw out bearing) failed what happenes?

    if it failed and started making a grinding noise when trying to engage the clutch. do any other parts get damaged because of it.

    the vehicle will not move in any gear, if feels like you can put it in any gear, but nothing happens. you may hear a grinding, but it does not damage anything beyond what already happened.

  • fiero steven

    how do you remove the throw out bearing in a 1997 ford ranger?

    Clutch Release Hub and Bearing . Removal. Remove transmission (7003). Refer to Section 07-03. . Push the clutch release hub and bearing (7548) toward transmission exposing retaining ring.

  • thunder_child3

    Clutch problem--won't change gears, moves forward w/ clutch pressed in?

    Normally the car runs fine, but i've experienced it a few times when i'm in the same situation. It happens when I go through a drive through, I'm not sure what exactly causes it, but after pushing in and letting out the clutch a few times to.

    your clutch is not disengaging completely, check your fluid first, if not that take a brake line clamp and put it below your master cylinder, try pressing your clutch like you normally would DO NOT.


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