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F1 Racing Stage 1 Clutch Kit Review Rx7

Comparing old failed Daikin clutch to NEW F1 clutch. **The Daikin "failed" due to one of the rubber "spring" retainers dislodging and.

  • starbuckwr14

    What is a good clutch kit for a 1998 trans am?

    I need a new clutch for my 1998 trans am. I have swapped the ls1 for an ls6. Is the ls7 clutch any good. Is there any cheap but good ones.

    The LS7 Clutch and Flywheel package is a good option. I currently(since 2005) have the Z06(LS6) Clutch in my car with newer hydraulics and the drill mod. The GM LS7, SPEC, MCLEOD, and MONSTER.

  • Idrees

    clutch kit for mustang off Ebay?

    my mustang needs a new clutch and i am considering buying it off ebay. does anyone have any experience buying a clutch from there. they range from $150-250. any brands i should look for in particular.

    You're not getting the clutch kit from ebay. You'd be buying from a company or seller selling through ebay. Your best bet is to buy a new clutch kit from Advance Auto Parts/Autozone/NAPA or chain.

  • walker texas ranger

    where can I find a clutch kit for a 1978 yz125?

    They're a bit tuff to find a complete kit. Here's a couple on Ebay. These are aftermarket,,I dunno anything about them.

  • themightyquinn

    Question on clutch repair.?

    I recently got my 99 kia sportage stuck in soft mud. After a while of rocking, I discovered that I had killed my clutch. I was able to put it in gear and let off the clutch with no gas and the engine was still running. I am not exactly sure what.

    The clutch went out on my car, my boyfriend made me help him fix it. Here's what I remember. Usually it is a part called the pressure plate that needs replacing. It is best to buy a clutch kit.

  • cocopuff

    98 mustang clutch question.?

    Im a small 5'2" woman. ive heard that the clutch pedal in my recently purchased 98 mustang is lower then other cars. (several friends have driven it and they all say the same. ) when i sit in it & drive. i am all the way up belly to steering.

    adjustable clutch kit refers to adjusting when the clutch is fully disengaged from the flywheel depending on how far the pedal is pushed down. for instance, you could have it set to where you have.

  • killa

    Explain what a clutch kit does as opposed to the clutch.?

    My car is in the shop, has about 100k miles on it. While they're doing some work the mechanic called and said he noticed the clutch something is basically gone and ordered a new clutch kit to install. I don't understand exactly what's going on.

    your clutch has a special friction material that helps disapate heat which comes everytime you rev the gas and let the clutch out, over time it wears out, and eventually no longer does its job.


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