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Clutch Interlock Switch Troubleshooting

saturn s-series Clutch Interlock Switch Troubleshooting.

  • memphis_class_hishoe

    What is the clutch/starter switch called?

    I've got a quick question. I need the switch replaced in the clutch. that tells the car. the clutch is in. and the car starts. What is the switch called.

    Honda calls it a Clutch Interlock Switch, but different manufacturers will have different names. Just calling it a Clutch Switch would probably work for most people.

  • Alex M

    2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ - Does Manual Clutch Interlock Switch fuse do anything?

    I recently developed an electric problem/short in my Jeep Wrangler in what appears to be the starting system and/or clutch switch. I wanted test the problem by disabling the manual clutch interlock switch by taking the fuse out. However, the fuse.

    Fitting a fuse shorts the switch out so you don't need to use the clutch to start. No fuse means the clutch has to be depressed to complete the circuit.

  • Ivy

    1997 Nissan Altima clutch interlock relay?

    My husband changed the ignition switch assembly the car still would not start. We are unable to locate the clutch interlock relay.

    The clutch interlock relay is located on the right hand side of the engine compartment. This is a diagram of the starting circuit. http://i1127. photobucket. com/albums/l629/mastec1970/CIR.

  • sean n

    Can the clutch safety switch on my 1993 ford explorer cause car not to start after heavy rains?

    I've had battery,coil,alternater,starter all tested and all was fine. When I turn engine I get nothing as if clutch wasnt engaged but it is. Someone told me this may be related to clutch safety switch.

    The on on the clutch is known as a safety interlock switch. This switch is on the clutch peddle so you have to push in the clutch in order to get it to start. It is on the inside of the car and it.

  • Justin B

    How to bypass the clutch interlock safety switch in 2001 f150?

    would like to turn on my truck without pressing the clutch every single time. possibly add remote start. just need to know how to bypass the clutch interlock safety switch in 2001 f150. thanks in advance.

    If I remember, there are more than one set of contacts on. that switch. Make sure you only jump out the one that goes to. the starter. If you jump the one that goes to the cruise, you will mess up

  • Andy W

    Clutch Question?

    I have a 90 honda Civic 4 door lx. Well I took it to the shop and got my starter fix. but they found other things needed to be fixed. Which is Clutch pedal mount is cracked. Clutch Interlock is broken. I know where the clutch pedal mount is but.

    interlock is the switch on the clutch pedal or mount that disables the starter until clutch is pressed down.


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