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944 turbo clutch master and slave cylinders with hoses

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98 Honda Civic dx Clutch hose removal and installation

easy to remove and install your clutc hose.

  • SizeDoesNotMatter

    What is a clutch hose and where can I get one?

    For a 1992 Camaro RS 3. 1L.

    A clutch hose basically is the hose to your hydraulic clutch system , it works on the same principle as your brakes with your foot cylinder and the secondary cylinder by the clutch push piston ,.


    How to change metal hose to clutch master cylinder?

    So today I was changing the clutch master cylinder on my 1987 Pontiac Fiero. The first two bolts that held it to the car came out fine, but the one on top of the master cylinder that is part of a metal hose was frozen with rust. I pushed too hard.

    That is the clutch line to the slave. Not that difficult but just takes some time and you will need to get the fittings and tools at a auto parts store. If you want instructions look up (generic).

  • what was i thinking!!

    i have a 95 saturn with a hydraulic clutch,hose is broken?

    i went to pull the tranny out of the car and as i started taking out the bell housing bolts i accidentally broke the nylon line going to this little aluminum thing(which i would also like to know what it is). it broke off right at the metal nipple.

    Dats a good one, this is a maybe answer because I can't see what you are working on. Would a compression fitting for nylon water line work in this area. Home Depot has every size you can think of.

  • Suzuki Intruder Rider

    How do you bleed the hydraulic clutch on a 1996 suzuki intruder 1400? Please be detailed as i am a newbie?

    I thank you so much but i have also found this webpage to help people also but thanks again for all your help. http://www. bobhenneman. info/bleed.

    follow the clutch hose to the connector. There should be a fitting that lookes like a grease fitting. Pump up the clutch and hold it in. turn the fitting and it should allow air and some fluid.

  • Dakota

    why is my clutch so easy to push in?

    Ok I drive a 1992 mitsubishi eclipse its a 5 speed manual trans. Ok so I had a choice one nite just topping a hill. Hit a on coming car or hit a big tire in the road. I picked the tire lol. So I got thw car home and it sat a few days.

    the clutch pedal goes down easy because all the fluid is gone. air is compressible. fluid is not. so you parked it, and it just up and started leaking. there's no fluid in the.

  • dowey

    how to bleed 1996 suzuki Intruder hydraulic cluck .?

    how do you bleed 1996 suzuki Intruder hydraulic cluck .

    Trace the clutch hose - or pipes down to the engine bell housing and locate the clutch slave cylinder. it should have a little bleed screw on top of it. Put a piece of proper size clear plastic.


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