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Clutch Disc - Explained

What is a clutch disc. What is a clutch. How do clutch discs work. What are the different parts of a clutch disc.

  • Jose C

    clutch problem?

    i got a 1996 VW jetta manual transmission. ive noticed that very rarely the car revved up way too fast on certain gears. just yesterday the car on fifth gear revved up too fast when i stepped on the gas all the way in. it would rev all the way.

    Your clutch disc is worn and the clutch pressure plate is not holding sufficient pressure against the disc to keep it form slipping. Also the flywheel is glazed over providing less friction for.

  • nonad

    clutch disc checking?

    I just change my engine in a auto shop,. the engine comes with the transmission. now when they openned the transmission, they saw that the clutch disc was already thin, but they assured me that it would still last for a good 6 months, so i did not.

    You are right that the cause of the stalling must be in the transmission because it does not stall in reverse. I am not a transmission expert but I suspect something is trying to engage both first.

  • Awesome

    Does The Clutch DIsc Need To Be Fully Stopped To Change Gears?

    Does the clutch disc need to be fully stopped, or just rotating under a certain speed to change gears. Also, how does a clutch disc stop so abruptly. Thanks in advance for the help.

    The clutch doesnt particularly "stop" it disengages the engine drive from the gearbox and transmission. Yes it does help to depress the clutch as this allows the synchro cones in the gearbox to.

  • jezuzgirl

    96 Honda Civic Clutch,?

    When letting out the clutch, it sometimes shakes, shudders. I've been driving a stick for a while so i know it's not me. I'm not sure, but it seems to be only when the car is cold, hasn't warmed up yet. Anyone have any suggestions as.

    the clutch on that car is operated hydraulically in the same way that the brake system is. It uses a clutch master cylinder to transfer the force of pressing on the clutch pedal to the slave.

  • kayden

    3 stage racing clutch?

    what is a 3 stage racing clutch and how does it differ from a regular clutch.

    Racing clutches can come in a variety of not only the pressure plate (how heavy the clutch feels) but also the disc itself (how well it grabs during launches and shifting). Take, for example, an.

  • Jay guy

    If I get a kevlar full faced clutch disc kit?

    the stock pressure plate is already heavy duty for this v6 this is the stage 2 spec clutch kit. says chatter free. it is sprung. yep its all three in a kit bearing plate and disc.

    you should also purchase the matching pressure plate as they are designed to work together [note the spring forces are much higher but effort is still light] (by comparison) than even a heavy duty.


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show chicago view cut engine international motorcycle clutch dual disc transmission 700cc 2013 nc700
Clutch Disc
Cut view of the NC700 Dual Clutch 700cc engine and transmission
Photo by Originalrocket on Flickr
cameraphone macro metal vw fix volkswagen mechanical repair clutch transmission 18t mk4 lgvoyager 0227001724a
Clutch disc
Photo by toastforbrekkie on Flickr
honda scooter motorbike trail motorcycle clutch mechanic disassemble postie ct110
Clutch disassembled
Honda CT110 clutch. Your friction discs probably shouldn't look like this.
Photo by Tesla314 on Flickr

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