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Voltage regulator tutorial & USB gadget charger circuit

The basics of linear voltage regulators - what they do, how to wire them up, and where to ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Click "Show more" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ find them.

  • Raymond G

    diagram for isuzu trooper voltage regulator?

    Most voltage regulators are internal to the Alternator. They usually consist of a bridge rectifier and a voltage stabilizer (These are both solid state devices nowadays and even if you knew the.

  • me

    any difference in voltage regulators?

    i do not care about the connections. i know they will be different i can cut and wire that. i also dont care about size or color etc. i only want to know if the internals are the same.

    A voltage regulator is an electrical regulator designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level. It may use an electromechanical mechanism, or passive or active electronic components.


    what is linear voltage regulator?

    A voltage regulator is converting device the resembles a rectifier (AC to DC). As you have asked about a Linear voltage regulator, the element which controls the voltage fluctuations or required.

  • curious

    where is my voltage rgulator located??

    on a 1993 jeep cherokee where is the voltage regulator.

    All wrong, the voltage regulator is not in the alternator in most Chyrsler and Jeep vehicles. The voltage regulator on your Jeep is built into the ECM. Lots of chyrsler vehicles are like this.

  • jason r

    where is the voltage regulator?

    where is the regulator located on 1998 dodge ram van 5. 2 liter. It is external of alternator.

    The voltage Regulator Is Internal in the PCM(Powertrain Control Module)/Computer. The PCM turns the alternator on and off depending on how much voltage is needed. I would check your battery first.

  • jianhong18

    What is an IC voltage regulator???

    -What is an IC voltage regulator. -Is there any difference between a normal voltage regulator and an IC vlotage regulator. - And what does it mean by IC. (induce current. - What are the 3 main type of IC voltage regulators.

    An IC voltage regulator is a device that keeps the voltage across the output constant. The IC stands for integrated circuit. I don't know about the three different types but one I've used is called.


  • Voltage Regulators for Next Generation Microprocessors

    Springer. 2010. ISBN: 1441975608,9781441975607. 500 pages.

    This book deals with energy delivery challenges of the power processing unit of modern computer microprocessors. It describes in detail the consequences of current trends in miniaturization and clock frequency increase, upon the power delivery unit, referred to as voltage regulator. This is an invaluable reference for anybody needing to understand the key performance limitations and opportunities for improvement, from both a circuit and systems perspective, of state-of-the-art power solutions for next generation CPUs.

  • Flyback voltage regulator

    1965. 13 pages.
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