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How to Install and Use a Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer

http://www. 4wheelparts. com/Hypertech-Max-Energy-Power-Programmer.

  • jonamond

    ford f-150 power programer?

    I have on 05 F-150. just wondering if its worth buying programmer and which one.

    All power programmers are doing essentially the same thing. They are changing the computer program that came from the factory to settings they determined put more horsepower and torque to the rear.

  • neopot2002

    Power programmers?

    What is the best power programmer for a GAS 2005 Chevrolet 2500hd with a 6. 0L. Tried a Hypertech and gas mileage was actually worse than stock.

    You can try lookin into either of the followin the Nelson performance, Wait4me or Wheatley. From what I've herd and read either of these are good choices. But, one word of advise you can't have.

  • michaelstjean

    can i rent a power programer for my 2002 explorer sport?

    I was wanting to try out the power programers that I have been seeing. I heard they increase the overall performance of yourtvehicle. But however I dont want to spend 400 dollars for something Im only going to use just once or twice thanks alot.

    once or twice. It's a all or nothing thing, no free tryouts. basically the programmer erases the information in your computer and installs a new program. the programmer can't be used on any.

  • Brandon

    2013 WR 250R FMF Power Programmer?

    My dad wants to start saving a bit of money for new aftermarket parts for his 2013 WR 250R. His bike needs more power and i would like to know what features the Power programmer can give.

    I have never used one or known anyone to use one. Most guys I know get their CPU flashed and re-programmed. In theory it should work about the same. With the FMF power Programmer you can change.

  • DodgeRam5.9

    Mopar 5.9 power programmer?

    ok guys i have a 1996 dodge ram 1500 ive been looking around for a power programmer and it seems that the programmers only started to become available for the 1998 Ram's. My question is that if you just plug the programmer into the OBD port would.

    no not many of the new programmers will work on the older trucks,even though the obd-2 system started in 96 no one made a good programmer for them until 98,if you,ll talk to the manufacturer of the.

  • Dustin

    How do Power Programmers,Chips,and Tuners work?

    i know that they give you more gas mileage more horse and more ft lbs of torque but how exactly do they do this. i have a 2003 Ford f-250 with the 7. 3l in it also its a diesel.

    Diesel don't make a spark. The trucks have a PCM. By changing the programming of the PCM (by either reprogramming or chip) you can adjust how the PCM and IDM work together at different TPS.


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  • Power Programming with RPC

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hypertech powerprogrammer hypertechpowerprogrammer
Mo Power!
With this I can reprogram my vehicles computer to compensate for different tire sizes, increase my timing and optimize my air/fuel ratio for better performance as well as change my shift points, top rpm limiter and...
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The engine of my Blazer. 4.3 litres of mildly tweaked v-6. I've cleaned, polished and/or painted most everything visible and some not so visible. It's faster than most blazers and s-10's around here other than a few...
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Προσφορά στους Προγραματιστές (sic)
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