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How Oxygen Sensor Works

Watch the animated video showing how an oxygen sensor in the exhaust system of a car works.

  • cathulu21

    wideband oxygen sensor?

    what is the importance of monitoring oxygen. ive heard it used a lot when dealing with turbos or superchargers. and what would you be keeping an eye out for when having a oxygen sensor.

    Automotive oxygen sensors, colloquially known as O2 sensors, make modern electronic fuel injection and emission control possible. They help determine, in real time, if the air fuel ratio of a.

  • cowkathy

    how do you test an oxygen sensor?

    my car has 4 sensors and i got different readings of resistance on each of them, is there another way to test them .

    Oxygen sensors are not measured by resistance. They more resemble oxygen powered batteries. They are usually connected to a. 5 v dc bias voltage. The sensor, when heated by the exhaust stream,.

  • Kevin

    1994 Civic: Oxygen sensor heater?

    I just checked the code on my 1994 2 dr coupe civic and it gave me code 41 which is something with the oxygen sensor heater. Can anyone answer these for me. . - In layman's terms, what is it. - Can I can drive on it for now. - Can I easily fix it.

    An oxygen sensor has to reach a certain temperature before it can accurately detect the oxygen levels in the exhaust. The heater is a tiny electrical element inside the sensor that heats it up.

  • Paul

    Car bucking...oxygen sensor?

    My check engine light went on a couple weeks ago and the guy at Auto Zone tested it and said the oxygen sensor was bad. I just ignored it, but now the car is bucking when I hit the gas. Could a bad oxygen sensor cause this.

    The oxygen sensor can't cause the car to buck, and it is unlikely there was a code that actually said an O2 sensor is bad. One of the frustrations of OBDII generic code definitions is that when a.

  • snake_link

    need help honda oxygen sensor?

    okay i went to get my car diagnos because my check engine light was on. they said it was the oxygen senor that was going wrong. im wondering if that sensor is not the problem what other problem could occur instead the oxygen sensor.

    There are three possible conditions with oxygen sensors that are detected by the onboard diagnostic system. I don't know what codes you got during the diagnosis but they will point you in the.

  • Ldskjnldflv L

    What is purpose of Oxygen sensors?

    2000 Chevy Malibu 166K miles. Car salesmen says Oxygen sensors need replaced, are they really that important. and there is 2. the car does run kinda sluggish on Highway. it tends to rock forward and backward like its losing power.

    Oxygen sensor(s) do go bad but you did mention car does run sluggish on highway. I would suspect more problems. You might have vacuum leaks, air leaks or lack of fuel. Remember this, oxygen.


  • Oxygen Sensing

    CRC Press. 2013. ISBN: 9780824748456,082474845X. 776 pages.

    Reviewing research on the molecular basis of oxygen homeostasis, this text describes the changes in intracellular signalling and gene expression that lead to physiological responses to hypoxia in unicellular, invertebrate, and mammalian species. It examines O2 sensing systems in bacteria and archaea and demonstrates interrelationships among cell proliferation, energy metabolism, oxygen homeostasis, redox states, signal transduction and gene expression in humans and other organisms. The book describes the effect of hypoxia on carotid body structure and function and the effect of alterations in oxygen homeostasis on the pathophysiology of cardiac ischemia, cancer, stroke, and chronic lung disease.

  • Characteristics of the OTOX Model CTL oxygen sensor

    1983. 16 pages.
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Red Glow of the O2 Sensor
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